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Another noob...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by doctor, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys :D , about time I changed from being a lurker to a poster.

    What can I say... I am classed as a "mature learner". Plenty of years driving experience but never ridden a bike before. Passed the pre-learner test back in July but didn't get a bike till a few weeks ago (Honda Bros 400... "what on earth is that ?", I hear you ask).

    Still haven't been for my first ride yet (got my final bit of gear last week), so maybe this weekend is the big one :D (once I replace the broken clutch lever :roll: ... don't ask...)

    Great site by the way !



  2. Welcome to the loony bin doc :)

  3. G'day, Doc - and welcome! :)
  4. Woo-hoo, just what we needed, another Paul!

    Welcome to the active side of Netrider.
    What part of Sydney? I'm sure there's at least one or two of us who'd be happy to 'mother-hen' you on a ride or two! (I'm in Wollongong, but that's an outer suburb these days)

    hmm, just looked up the Bros 400, nice.
  5. Is this the bit where I say just call me "Bruce" ?

    West Pennant Hills. Sort of between Parramatta and Hornsby. Nice wide roads to practice on.

    Yeah the Bros is ok. They have a very good reputation as a courier bike in the UK. I'm already geeting to grips with the maintenance side, fixed an oil leak from the drain plug and mis-timed blinkers due to a short. Saturday I connect up the rear brake to the brake light (would be useful to have eh ?) and replace the clutch handle I broke trying to get the bike up the steep driveway in the wet last Tuesday (togged up like a power-ranger with the wife and daughter looking on).
  6. Ah, you've just passed "motorcycling humility 101" :LOL:
  7. that honda bros 400 looks excellent is that a v four or v twin?
  8. V twin ...

    Would've ended up with a VTR250 but this came along so I snapped it up.
  9. Welcome Doc!
  10. Nice bike, looks like a bigger spada. Welcome BTW :)
  11. Greetings doc from another Sydneysider, have fun with the bike :D
  12. Welcome doc, nice bike. I sort of coveted one when they were new, but never actually saw one 'in the metal' so to speak.

    Well observed, that's exactly what it is, as I recall.
  13. Welcome ... always welcome the "mature" riders...

    and the young riders....
    and the riders with bigger bumps and less dangly bits.....
    and the scooter riders....

    Heh, I even welcome harley riders 8)

    Enjoy our lunacy , we do

  14. hey doc, welcome to the clinic... :D
  15. Welcome Doc,us mature people have to keep together :LOL:
    You'll have fun here 8)
  16. Thanks for the welcome guys :D

    I'll let you know how I go on the weekend... (first ride and all :shock: )
  17. Hi doctor , welcome .
  18. Had my first official road ride on Friday evening. :D

    Have now clocked up about 10km doing circuits of the streets near home. What can I say... hills, hills hills ... :evil: good practice though.
    Once I get comfortable I'll venture further (hills, hills, hills + big roundabouts :shock: ).

    Got up to 60km/hr :shock: , never done that on a bike before...

    At least there is hardly any traffic where I live (apart from that muppet who reversed a Toraga out of her driveway despite seeing me) :roll:

    I have to say that my Arai helmet has great ventilation and zero visor distortion. I had to check that I had the visor down. Still waiting for my first bug splat though :twisted:
  19. I have some left over from 2100 kms to Melbourne and back on the weekend, would you like me to put them in an envelope and mail them to you? :D
  20. I can imagine the reports of a mound of bugs riding a motorbike down the Hume Highway :D

    The parcel would cost too much to post so, er... I'll just wait for my first customer in the time honoured fashion. :)