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another noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by chappy, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. hai guys

    just joined the forums this week so could join a ride, should probably take the time say hi to everyone else. Hi everyone!

    got my license about 2 months ago, picked up an '06 vtr 250 about 2 weeks before that, its red. have been commuting (5mins in and out of Brisbane city) for about a month now and starting to get a bit of confidence. am already splitting lanes like boss! which i didnt really expect so soon
    um, thats about it for now :D

    stay classy
  2. Hi, Im from Brisbane too! So you are riding in the inner city traffic, thats something I havent dared do yet!
  3. Welcome to the cult!

    er.. I mean forum :)

    I've been trying to convince my housemate to get a VTR250 as he just got his license too, but alas he is hellbent on having a ducati monster (yet doesn't want to pay extra)

    will be seeing you on the ride this weekend..
  4. welcome bud
  5. Hi elf!
    i dont find City traffic is really that bad, definitely a lot more bearable cutting through it on a bike than being stuck in a car

    Thanks guys :beer:

    I cant say anything bad about the vtr, but I would imagine the extra kick of the monster would be nice, probably sound a little better too haha
    Pumped about the weekend ride
  6. =D>

  7. Welcome!

    Likewise, I don't find City traffic all that bad. Just REALLY need to be alert. I live on the Northside and my ride is about 30-35minutes.