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Another noob on the road

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rpe1977, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Hi netriders,
    I finally got my restricted licence here on the Gold Coast a couple of weeks ago after years of talking about it and managed to talk my dad and sister into it also.
    We did the 1 day coarse at ama, should have done the 3 day (a little bit rusty)but anyway we all passed.
    Me and dad decided to purchase a new xvs650 custom sis got virago250 will be picking up some time this week, can't wait for the first ride very excited!
    Thanx everyone talk soon!

  2. good stuff (y) and welcome
  3. Excellent. The family that plays together stays together right? Trouble comes when you all bugger off on more and more trips and your other halves keep getting left at home lol!
  4. Thanks Andrew and chillibutton, no probs for me I've just got the dog to think about!
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  5. I Iiked this but then I forgot, the dog will chew your shoes and pee on stuff in your cupboard...
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  6. I'll worry bout that when I get home
  7. Good man, enjoy the new ride!
  8. Happy riding everybody thanks for the intro
  9. Welcome to NR. Good job talking your dad and sister into it. I went for it after my son came home waving his learners at me and then went overseas. By the time he got back, mum had L's and a bike which is more than what he had! Happy to say that's been rectified. Happy riding.
  10. hi goldenberri, good to see you took the plunge into the bike world I don't know why I waited so long.
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  11. Awesome...

    Welcome to the forums...

  12. Thanks lazy libran, very pleasant experience SO FAR!
  13. welcome aboard enjoy the ride
  14. Cheers jeffco