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Another noob in Melbourne =)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mia, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Hi all!

    Just checking in to the forum to do the ol' meet and greet!

    I'm new to the motorcycling world and will be going for my L's on the weekend at HART in Somerton. Riding was something I've always wanted to do since high school but kinda put on the backburner when a friend of mine died in an accident a few years back...but hey, you know what they say about falling off the horse (and no, it doesn't involve a shot gun)...

    Looking at doing some fair weather riding as well as commuting to/from work and uni. I'm just after that 'feeling' and thrill as the wind rushes past you and it's almost like flying, y'know? =D

    Anyways, I'll hopefully be getting my short ass onto a Ninja 250r or something sexy and similar after exams in November, and I look forward to nodding to my fellow Melburnian Netriders over the summer!
  2. Welcome aboard Mia!

    Good luck for your Ls on the weekend - should be breeze!
  3. Welcome Mia.
    Enjoy and ride safe.
    Good luck with your Ls. Let us know how you go!
  4. Shortarse, female, uni-student, win.

  5. +1

    Welcome aboard :)
  6. Hi Mia and welcome to NR.

    Good luck with the L's
  7. Hi Mia and welcome to Netrider.
    Only coz I managed to browse through the 'New Posts' section recently, a fellow netrider has a Black Ninja 250 for sale. Maybe the bike you're looking for ?
    Check out the Bike For Sale forum (here in Netrider).

    Have fun on your L's day and ride safe :)
  8. Hi Mia,
    Welcome aboard & good luck with the L's this weekend!!!
    When you're ready, also worth checking out the Sat morning sessions in the Vic events thread.

  9. Haha...thanks for the warm welcome guys!

    Yeah Nickers, I saw the ninja you're talking about but I'm kinda leaning towards buying from a dealership because of the warranty they offer. I'm ashamed to say I have no exp whatsoever with motorcycle mechanics/maintenance, which issomething I hope to rectify as my experience builds (if anyone can recommend me a book to buy that'd be sweet!), so having as few issues as possible with the bike so I can focus solely on my riding skills is what I'm after.

    As for the Saturday learner rides...omg. Can't wait.
  10. If you change your mind - I've got one in green I'll be selling :)
  11. No problems at all Mia (y)
    Best of luck with your L's, once again, and once complete, there are MANY well rehearsed/experienced riders in here willing to assist learners (and all, for that matter !) with Saturday/Sunday morning rider training/refresher sessions...fantastic way to build confidence, skills and meeting these wonderful folk who make Netrider what it is.
  12. Welcome to NR Mia .. :D

    + 1 for getting yourself down to the learners sessions as soon as you can :D
    you will learn heaps and meet a great bunch of people :-s
  13. Hi Mia, welcome to NR and whatever bike you get, have fun, ride safe.
  14. Welcome mia
  15. & if you're after something a bit cheaper, shorter & mechanically sound, I've got a ZZ-R250 for sale...

    My agenda aside, welcome to Netrider! Stick around, you'll have fun, I expect you'll even learn a thing or two

    (You have the same name as my Daughter BTW, your parents obviously have good taste!)
  16. Hi Mia,

    welcome aboard and good luck with ure p's
  17. Thanks MV :D

    Actually, while I do love the name Mia my real name is Maria. I was re-christened Mia by my little nephew who couldn't pronounce my name properly.

    First day learners at HART...man is it hard to keep the arms relaxed and not apply too much weight on the handles! Currently re-thinking the whole new Ninja 250r thing... might be a bit ambitious for me.
  18. Hi Mia
    I'm new too! In fact, I just completed the same course on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Great fun and I passed! LOL.

    I have my own bike, a Suzuki Intruder 250. Lovely learners bike -

    Good luck.
  19. Whoops, I mean ure L's. Stay relaxed and enjoy the experience, it will come.
  20. since everyones is advertising their bikes here, im also selling my 08 black ninja 250r atm
    if u pass ur learners i'll give u a discount.