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Another noob here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MsLamingtons, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone! The pinned post says I should introduce myself so here goes...

    Got my L's two years ago, and just came off my restrictions last Monday. I am currently riding a 2008 Kawasaki EX250 Ninja, but not looking to upgrade just yet as I'm still not as confident as I'd like to be.

    I live in Melbourne, and most of my riding so far has been to and from work on the M1 (from Dandenong to the city and back), so nothing too challenging.

    Hoping to change the confidence issue this year by going on a few rides with some friendly people!
  2. Welcome MsL. Checkout the Saturday practice to meet a few NRs. :)
  3. Hi and welcome, so does that mean you'll be rocking up to saturday practice with lamingtons for everyone? :unsure:

    Great bike the Ninja 250, keep an eye out as there's a big Learner friendly ride about to happen in the near future, keep an eye on the Ride and Event announcements(y)

  4. Welcome to the forum MsL! Enjoy the community and the imminent 'how hot is MsLamingtons' speculation about to commence in the posts below :) (looking at you UG).

    Hopefully you'll get feel confident enough to upgrade soon.

    Saturday Morning practice in Brighton is also well worth a visit - great bunch of folks there!
  5. Thanks Pete! It clashes with fencing training but it won't hurt if I skip it a couple of times :)

    I eat them, I don't bring them...
  6. Fencing training?? You actually have to do training to put up a fence?????

    Ha ha ha I crack myself up!!

    Welcome to NR!
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  7. Waiting for it!

    Never had that one before :banghead:
    Watch out - I have the reflexes of a cat :cat:
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  8. Welcome to NR ! This has the mark of another @SinBandits type welcome thread !!
  9. did somebody say Spit Roast? :LOL:
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  10. Always fall on your feet? :]
  11. Welcome!
    Don't let anyone rush you into a bigger bike if you don't feel ready. It's your ride, enjoy it your way. (y)
  12. Welcome to the madhouse!
  13. Perhaps, I'm creating a new breed of people :devil: Mwahaha
  14. Btw, Welcome to NR Ms Lamingtons :)
  15. I'm in @MsLamingtons likes goats ;)
  16. well im waiting
  17. Welcome! Great to see another Lamington lover on the site :)
  18. Post 18 before it's asked - shame people.

    So Ms L are you hot ?

    Cheers Jeremy
  19. er, something like that! :)
  20. Wow, I walk away for a few days...
    Last night I checked out the @SinBandits welcome thread, only up to page 7 before it was bedtime! Somehow I don't think this thread will reach that height of achievement. However I will stick to convention and not answer the "are you hot?" question :)

    Seems like spit roast is a popular menu item