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Another 'Noob' Alert

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bekstar, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Howdee Everyone... :p ...This is Bekstar...Another Noob... :dance: ...I have just bought my first bike...'Baby Bandit'...Naked!...Am still learning the ropes as i've never ridden before...:driver:...I have met a few Netriders out on the road and in the Spur...All seem pretty cool...And friendly...which is always a Bonus... I look forward 2 meeting many more on my Netrider journey!!! A BIG thx 2 Ratbag 4 introducing me 2 this site...& 2 Firefling 4 signing me up!
    Very Good... :applause: Cheers :beer:

  2. Welcome! You'll have a ball :grin:
  3. Welcome to the friendly forums Bekstar, from one nudie to another :grin:
  4. hello, come in, take your shoes off and make yourself at home!
    whats mine is yours, help y'self to the fridge..... :LOL:

    welcome ;)
  5. See you again soon Bekstar; & welcome. \:D/
  6. Welcome Bekstar, hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. Welcome Bekstar. hope to see you @ coffees soon or on rides.
  8. Welcome bekstar. Look forward to catching up with you on a ride or at a coffee night :grin:
  9. Hmmmmmmmmm...... deja vu. :grin:
  10. Hey there Bekstar and welcome. Hope you are enjoying the Baby Bandit, maybe see you on the Walhalla ride???

  11. Welcome welcome, when u get a chance try n make it to a coffee night & get to more of us, it's a casual way to meet face to face & have a laugh!
  12. Hi there and welcome!
  13. Hi Bekstar! Riding is so much fun. The more you ride, the better you'll get, the more you'll enjoy it... Wooo!!!