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Another Ninja 250r

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by r@ndom, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Thought I would post a couple of photos of my new bike. First ever bike for me and bought it back in Feb this year. It is a 2009 Ninja 250r in black, oggy knobs fitted, fender elminator, tank pad. Only had 3,500km on it when I bought it.

    Since I bought it I have put white reflective rim tape on (not shown in pics) and going to get a seat cowl since I can't double yet anyway.


  2. I hate you right now. I got all my gear two days ago and I'm still waiting for my ninja to get to the dealership :(
  3. Cool!

    Make sure you set up your rear suspension ;) .

    If you are thinking of buying a pipe, go a cheap as you can. A yoshi/akro sounds like poo.

    I've got a mid length one of THESE.
    Also just spotted THIS

    Looks cool... Not sure the look you are gunning for.

    If you get a pipe put on it, make sure you get the carbies jetted and have the dealership blank off the emissions thing. If you don't, the bike will run super lean and you risk damage. You'll get a very, very slight improvement in performance. The emissions thingy (not sure of its name) ignites any left over fuel going through the exhaust. You get massive backfires and again, you risk damaging your bike.
  4. noodles55, haha, sorry mate. You will love it, it's a great bike. What colour did you get?

    modern_ninja, no worries thanks. I was looking at putting a pipe on but then thought I would save my money for when I want to upgrade. But they are pretty cheap pipes. How easy is it to set up the rear suspension? Another member mentioned this too. I am useless on the mechanical side so if it's "easy" then be keen to give it a go. Thanks for the other info, cheers.

  5. I'm getting a shiny red one because everyone knows red goes faster! :biker:

    Saturday will be two weeks since i placed a deposit and the salesman said 2 - 3 weeks till it arrives. Not long now :D
  6. Nice one mate.

    Must not be long now then!!! I would be climbing the walls. I was lucky I had my bike before I even had my Ls so rode up and down the street :)
  7. My little bro has one of these, very nice ride. Congrats mate.
  8. Great thoughts. Save as much as you can don't spend a cent more! The ninja will never be your "real" bike. Save your money for your upgrade and get a real "hum-dinger"... Like a zx6r :D Or R6 :D Or GSXR600/750 :D Or a CBR600RR :D Or any other sports bike over 500cc on the market pretty much :D

    Regarding the pipe, the stock zorst sucks balls. Bad. You can't hear a thing over the wind/air intake at 60 and that really bugged me. I prefer to ride by sound... It also weighs a ton. If you go really, really cheap, you get the noise you need, you also get some performance. You've just gotta make sure your mechanic jetts the carbs and blanks off the emissions thingy... Installation wise, I was frigging retarded in my attempt and it took me an hour to take the stock one off and put the new one on. You've just gotta undo all the little bolts holding the stock chrome shieldy thing and then undo all the ones holding the stock one. It is easy to switch it over. And believe me, the sound is SOOOOO much better.

    Regarding the suspension: stupidly simple to change :D If you've got the tool kit that came with the bike, you should have a "c-spanner" in it. You take off the right rear set, and turn the collar that sits over the rear spring. Depending on what you weigh, you'll need it on the 3rd to 5th setting. To get the right setting, you'll need to set the sag. You can google that if you really want to know. However, the 3rd or 4th setting should be about right. I would suggest you look into it though, the suspension is one of the most important parts of your bike.

    post if you have a problem and enjoy riding!
  9. modern_ninja - was that sarcasm in the first paragraph about the ninja not being your "real" bike? cheers :)
  10. Nice bike buddy (y)

    Forget an exhaust, spend your money on some rider training courses with HART or Stay Upright or similar. I did and it's improved my riding so, so much. Putting an exhaust on a Ninja 250 in my mind is like those civics you see staggering along on massive fart cannons. Sure they are loud but it doesn't suit the bike. At least that's just my $0.02. Maybe if I actually had one on my Ninja i'd have a different opinion! But yes, rider training courses are the way to go :)
  11. @Coinslot: that exhaust looks disgusting!!!! Unfortunately, I can't view all your pics, but from the video it looks rough as guts!!! Would you mind posting some close-up pics here so we can have a look-see?

    @Random: no, I was being quite serious. The ninja is a learner bike. It will never be anything more than a "first step" because thats all it was designed to do. Introduce people into riding.

    With your exhaust, choose something you like and keep it cheap. Just bear in mind, shorty exhausts on twofiddys are hilarious. They make a butt-load of noise whilst going nowhere.
  12. @Mike9999, Thanks! I plan on doing the intermediate course with Stay Upright.

    @modern_ninja, ok no worries, just checking to see if you were being sarcastic :) Don't know everyone around here and hard to tell sometimes via forums. Agree it is a great learner bike. I certainly enjoy opening the throttle and knowing it is not going to flip me off.

    Haha, yes don't plan on anything like that. I would like something with less weight although at this stage would rather better tyres and do the Stay Upright training than changing the exhaust. I heard a twin brothers exhaust on a Ninja and it sounded ok.
  13. Great thoughts mate. Training is forever, an exhaust is for as long as you keep the bike.

    The two brothers exhaust is fairly expensive from memory. Training is a better idea if you don't have the dosh to do both.
  14. Yeap, I did that course and it was great, well worth the money, and the guys at Stay Upright are awesome (y)