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another night, another near off at old pac...wtf is going on

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by AznCruiser, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. fat chance im gonna get my confidence up before trackday.

    im at the slab now trying to calm myself and remember the events..........basically between road warriors and the slab i got smacked head on by a bird.......it was literally helmet to beak.

    it happened in the middle of a bend near the cliff faces.....it seriously looked like a rock that have fallenoff......that was until it decided to fly straight at me.

    luckily i didnt crash after breaking seriously hard in the middle of the corner..........

    it hitched a ride on top of the speedo cluster and wiggled itself off.........

    Im gonna go back look for it now :).........poor birdy though. Im not a killer of birds peeps, this is my first on a bike......
  2. :shock: as if the road is not challenging enough by itself :shock:

    glad to hear you're ok even if the bird has shuffled off the mortal coil and joined the choir invisibule.....
  3. I think you spoke too soon Hornet. I went back looking for the bird after leaving the slab and to my surprise I saw it a couple bends from where I initially hit it, its probably where it jumped off..................

    This little feathered fella is seriously a suicidal emo exorcist bird..................it was once again standing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FRICKEN ROAD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BEND! and once again the cliff faces obstruct the bird until its nearly too late................

    I took some pictures from my phone so the quality is pretty garbage.................its a scary looking bird that gave me the shivers. Its got one eye, its head turned all the way around, and didnt move or fly away unless your touching it...............

    I ended up shooing it away with a big branch (I didnt want anyone to hit it or see the bird join the choir invisible :)). I apologised profusely as to not get any bad luck traveling back home (again exorcist scary bird)..........................Last I saw it was standing at the side of the road.

  4. Seriously dude, you seem to have all the luck but riding the Ol' Pac at night is libel to bring you into close contact with the nocturnal fauna. I'd start wearing adult nappies if I were you; you seem to have way too many "brown" moments.

    Poor owl... was there any "road kill" in the area that it might have been feeding on? Lucky it wasn't a kangaroo/wallaby/wombat or the consequences would have been more dire!

    Paul (noob) had a "death wish" bush turkey scurry across the road when we were up there last Saturday right on a RH apex. His little legs were going as fast as possible trying to avert becoming one with Paul's Suzuki.

    PS. Has the gravel been removed from the bend just north of Road Warriors on the south-bound lane? We were warned about it on Saturday morning by a waitress at Road Warriors and it extended across most of the lane.
  5. Glad ur ok mate. It looks like an owl.
  6. it's a tawny frogmouth, which, actually, is not from the owl genus at all

    they are a nocturnal bird, but it's mum obviously hasn't told it to stay off the roads :LOL:
  7. Thanks Hornet, I wouldn't like it hitting my helmet. Like you said Blaise, nocturnal animals & birds are active in their habitat towards evenings.
  8. thats not a frougmouth is it? looks more like an owl to me

    you were lucky mate! ive hit a few birds but nothing that big. took out a flock of flamin' galahs doing $1.60 through a sweeper once :p
  9. Doubt that it's a Tawny Frogmouth... doesn't seem to have the characteristic "whiskers" around the top of the beak. Hope the poor thing was just in shock and not seriously injured, I like owls.
  10. As long as it is not the Gannett I'm OK with it
  11. I think the bird would survive if it stopped standing in the middle of the road. It was still flapping its wings and standing around. It flew for around 2 metres if you nudge it.

    Whats a Gannett and where can I kill it?.......................lol just playin dude :). Frodg making this face at my comment right now lol....................
  12. Heading down to Wilson's Prom after the GP one year riding along and up ahead there was some road kill get close and scare a Wedge Tailed Eagle that was feeding on it.It takes off and flys parallel with me for a very long extremely scary time,close up there bloody huge.
    That gravel was there heading north 3 or 4 beds past the Road Warriors on the right,saw it heading to Wollombi and luckily avoided it coming back.It was a good half a ute load right in the apex.Hard to see why it was there.
  13. I didnt notice any gravel upto the slab but there is still some streams running across the road as well as some some dirt (looked like a mini landslide). Freezing down that way though.
  14. I'd a backed over the li'l bastard!
  15. I already had dinner so wasnt in need of yummy road kills............anyway I aint eating no exorcist birds lol.
  16. But wouldn't you, like, absorb all his powers and stuff?
    (BTW I think you mean "possessed bird" Mal ;))
  17. was she hot?
  18. No it is not a frogmouth but you are right in that they are not owls they are a nightjar.
  19. Id love to 'hit on' 'a bird' and for her not to run away screaming ;).........................wishful thinking I know.

    The only bird i seem to be hitting on that wont run away is an actual dopey exorcist BIRD lol.....just my rotten luck............

    If the bird had any neat powers worth absorbing then yes (bird couldnt fly, walk like a dope, and a bit thick in the head). Anyway I already look freak scary to ladies and already have dodgy eyes :p .....................