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Another nice copper (accident aftermath)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by AnotherMacca, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Please don't let this thread descend into a shitfight like the previous one!

    After my mis-adventure on Saturday, I realised that I've got no idea where my license is. I had it Saturday, because I gave it to the copper (before she asked for it :wink: ), but I haven't seen it since. No-one I've spoken to since had it either.

    I rang the Pakenham cop shop today to be told that "the officer that attended your accident is on night shift tonight", and "I'll get her to call you back at around 11pm if that's ok?".

    I got a phone call at 11:30 tonight. Snr. Cnst. "Leanne" asked how I was, and how the bike was. "Sore, and not bad". I then asked her if she knew where my license was, and she told me that she'd given it to the ambo's before they took me away. At least I've got some idea of where it is now.

    Anyway, to the important part. Snr. Cnst. "Leanne" had called the council and made a complaint about the unswept road! :shock: :eek: :grin:

    I'd had a couple of people say to me over the last few days "Don't be suprised if you get a negligent riding ticket in the mail", but by the sounds of it, that's the last thing I should be expecting..

    She finished the convo with a "hope you're back out there soon".

    Hooray! Question for the rest of you mob that were there: Was the cop that rode the taller or shorter one?

    Now to call the ambo's and find out where my "ticket to ride" is.. :roll: :LOL:
  2. mate im glad ur ok man
    could be also that the cop might have taken a fancy to u due to ur fall lol
  3. She was the taller one, she rides an R6. NO WAY will you be getting a fine - she was cool as, no mention of speed. Jason told her what happened and she accepted it without question.

    She was talking to us heaps. They were waving to us when they left (she did the sirens for us :LOL: ) - she had no intentions of fining you at all!

    What was funny was the short copper was an apprentice i think and the tall one kept barking at her, in front of everyone :) Even when they left she was giving her hell in the car. I think it was cos the short was doing traffic control there and she stopped the ambo to let the cars through...
  4. Probationary Constable
  5. If only the cop at the triumvate crash in gipsland had done the same the two riders the next day the reportedly crashed would have been ok.