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Another newie!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Twingirl, May 25, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I have been a member of netrider for a couple of years, but have never bothered to do this!
    I went on a couple of rides and that was it.
    I went to the western suburbs coffee the other night and met some really great people.
    Hope too meet some more of you on a ride soon.

    I have found the forums quite amusing!
  2. Welcome FR, I met you at the WSC the other night, like your TLR as well.
    You must get in for a friday night coffee to see the other members of this establishment.
  3. hope you like music
  4. Hi Scumbag,
    I remember meeting you and Mrs Scumbag at WSC. The next night I was walking in the Williamstown coffee strip and your wife walked out of a place and we had another quick chat.
    So you guys have moved now?
    Now you are much nearer the start of some excellent rides.

    Your Ducati sounds great too!
  5. Yes we have moved but I will still be making the WSC though in the car for a little while anyway (then will revert back to the Duke, its a work thing
  6. Hi FR, nice to meet you at Western Coffee the other night. Nice bike too, the TLRs sound fantastic with a good set of pipes. See you again soon. :)
  7. Hi Deyago,

    It was good to meet you the other night.
    I think you have your track day this weekend with mad Mel on the back??
    Good luck and enjoy yourselves!
    Thanks, I luv my bike and the pipes were the first thing I did to it. Sounds great...even if I do say so myself!?
  8. Hey FR,

    Yep Mel and I plus a few others are going to live out our Rossi fantasies for a day :D . Mel is going pillion with me, but is already talking about the day when she rides her own bike around the track 8) .

    Thanks for the good wishes, we're both stoked!

    See you at W.Coffee or a ride soon.

  9. Hey FR,

    What a nice suprise - glad you intro'ed yourself and look forward to catching up again soon :D Your bike sounds swweeeeet! All the boys were very excited when you rode past the window at coffee - so were Elle (Mrs Scumbag) and I - yay - another female to ride with! Enjoy meeting everyone else - come down to the Fri night coffee if you can.
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum FR :D
    Stay safe
    Lisa :twisted: