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Another Newby

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ZX9rB3, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Hoping to get amongst some rides have not been on one for awhile now. (With other riders) I ride everyday but to work and back but its great to get out with others everynow and then.

    Cheers ya all
  2. Hi and Welcome.

    What City are you in bud ?

    it will help connect you with the correct netrider posse
  3. Hello and welcome to it all :)
  4. Thanks Dante and Ezyryder, Im in Melbourne outer northern suburbs.

  5. Hi YammyChick, what time do you all go down there? Do you ride or drive? So its at Casa Bella Cafe?
  6. Hi and welcome to the forums. Sth morang hey, not far from me. Moving to tulla soon so will hopefully catch at a coffee night eventually. The sunday night one normally kicks off around 7ish i think. Just check with Eswen, she is the chief of this one.. :LOL: And Yammychick only makes guest appearances when she visits sunny victoria.. :grin:
  7. Yeah most people usually arrive around 7:30-8 for sunday coffee

    Welcome to the forums ZX9rB3 :)
  8. Will see you all at coffee next Sunday!!! You coming along this time Blue12?
  9. Well will see where i am at with the packing and stuff. day after is moving day. :evil: If i have all ready to go and i am satisfied i might grace you with my presence.. :grin:
  10. Cheers all I might check it out on Sunday coming and catch a few of you then, we'll see what happens.

    Thanks for the welcomes :)
  11. welcome mate :) i love the ninjas :)
  12. Welcome ZX9rB3.

    Hey that's news to me, I didn't know there was a Sunday coffee night at Northlands. I'm only 10 minutes away! Cool.
  13. Thanks again for the welcomes everyone.

    Apart from an unforeseen event I will see you all on Sunday night at Northland.

  14. Gday and welcome

    Cheers :cool:
  15. Howdy :)

    Welcome to the best forum in the world :LOL: :p :wink:
    Sth Morang...close to me too.
    I often head your way for a quick squirt on the gorge rd...lol...closest twistie I can find :p

    anytime ya wanna pair up and head of into the abyss, just PM me...I'll be up for it.

  16. Thanks Caz, my bro and ma live in Crazyburn. So yeh lets get out there in the next couple of weeks. I might go to Northland for coffee and stuff maybe catch up there on Sunday night if ya up for it.


    Caz :)
  17. Hello and welcome ZX9rB3,

    This is a great site to meet other riders. Enjoy