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Another Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by flashthebiker, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. Hey there

    Found this site doing a googl# search following the (great) news from my osteopath that I had to stop riding my Yam VStar 1100 as I was stuffing up my back.

    After much looking, visiting, riding, and annoying the sh#t out of lots of people I have bought (swapped) a 2002 VFR800 VTEC. No more back problems, and I love the ride...

    now to the other forums to ask some stupid newbie questions.

    cheers, Gordon
    Perth WA
  2. :shock: i'm confused, you went from a upright position to a leaned forward position how is that going to be any better for your back???

    anyway welcome to netrider, loads and loads of useful info, plenty of organised rides and great people
  3. Welcome aboard..

    And qbn, the very upright position puts alot of pressure on your lower back. It absorbs alot of shock your lower back, its like when you slip and land flat on your backside. :shock:

    When i ride the Boulevard my lower back aches. When i ride the 14 all good..
  4. [​IMG] I'm also a bit confused with the change of bike but if it works for you great.
  5. Thanks...

    ...for the replies. The back problem is caused by poor posture. Sitting on the cruiser with feet forward and arms out-stretched causes a rounding at the bottom half of my back - poor posture, lots of load on the disks etc. My body weight is causing the spine to curve backwards.

    The VFR, whilst leaning over more, as my feet are under my bum the posture assumed in this position is very easy on my back. I seem to adopt a perfect posture on the Viffer - so it's all good!!

    Must admit my hips are sore from the crouched position but they will get used to it.

    cheers, Gordon
    Perth WA
  6. Welcome! Great to hear you found a good solution to keep you on a bike. Give it a month or so, and you won't even remember what the problem was with the new bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. ah i see, kind of makes all these older people in canberra selling their blackbirds for vulcan 2000 bacause of their backs, look a bit stupid then :p ah, what do i know :LOL:
  8. hey , 2 positives.you are able to keep riding and now your on a vfr. good onya
  9. Welcome.

    As long as your happy with your choice of bike, dont listen to a word these
    guys say.

    But ummm yeah Pls Explain :LOL: