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Another newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Grofaz, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Hi all :)

    Just got my licence in April and bought myself a GPX250R to learn on. Just thought I'd say hello and give everyone a wave.
  2. welcome aboard grofaz :)

    woot. another birssy rider :) is plenty of stuff happening around town regularly. hope to see you on the road or out and about :)
  3. Welcome grofaz
  4. wooohooo another qlder.....

    welcome from me....

    look forward to seeing you at the coffee club at milton one night. and maybe on some of our rides...

    i might let someone else post up the links this time..

  5. Thanks for the welcome :)

    Dunno if I'll make the coffee, maybe once the footy season is over and there's no football on Friday nights :p
  6. Another brissy person.

    Welcome aboard.

    Hmmm.... might have to organise the occasional weekend lunch meet. Things are too rushed on Fridays for some.

    We do have Ward_4e's Gold Coast Brekkies as well..
  7. Welcome grofaz....

    must be the cool snap, the brisbanites have hit the web!!!! or is it just Zac getting really bored and making up a heap of "pretend friends" :wink:

    I agree Slow_suzuki (or should that be "yamaha rider formerly known as slow_suzuki"?)
    Milton on Fridays is just not going to happen for me, I'm wasted after the working week.

    Once my shed is up (this weekend with luck) I'm happy to have people come round on any weekday after work for a coffee, beer, wine etc, workshop facilities will be available (within reasonable limits, I've only got a small place) for basic repairs/maintenance.

  8. Hello! [​IMG]
  9. Welcome to the forum, :biker: