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Another newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Gord0, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I joined up the other day and thought I should say hello,

    I'm from Perth although I'm really from Scotland in my previous life :)
    Ride an 04 Red R1 and frequent Scarborough lots...
    So if any of you are ever over this way shout out or check out another forum I use www.PerthRiders.com ( I hope I'm allowed to post this )

    Anyway I hope to catch some of the WA boys n Gals on a ride soon.
  2. Hey Gordo, I can't believe nobody's welcomed you yet.

    Must have been that link :LOL:

    Welcome. Enjoy the forums.
  3. g'day.

    (another hopeful nod and wave from a scooteristi looking for validation and acknowledgement)
  4. Welcome to the boards.... there are a couple of w.a. riders over there so maybe have alook and see if w.a. holds any coffee nights or group rides etc..

    cheers stewy
  5. Must have missed this welcome thread. So here is a belated hello.
  6. Welcome!

    Now by "red R1" do you mean "red R1" ?

    or "the sexiest crimson and black machine you've ever seen and been just a little bit scared to put fingerprints on" ???
  7. Welcome Gord0!
  8. :oops: How did we (that's I!!) miss your first post, Gord0??? Anyway, here's rolling out the welcome wagon for you, enjoy the forum, we do!
  9. Hi and welcome

  10. g'day mate- checking out the perthriders as I type this... gotta see how the other half of the world lives :LOL:
  11. Ya, hi, welcome :)
  12. how are ya mate??? have fun here.
  13. Welcome to the forums mate. quit tryna pinch our members already :p :p

    haha. guess im gunna have to start nodding the scooties in hope that one day it will be you i nod to, and you will feel validated and acknowledged. :p *nods head*
  14. :shock: Posting links here, sheesh, what do you think we are? a website that "connects riders"????? ;)

    Just make sure you add it to the links directory yeah??

    It's over there <------------------------- on the left, no, your other left, up a little :p
  15. welcome :grin:
  16. Welcome to the forums Gord0 :)
  17. Welcome Gordo glad to see another Perthie Just seen this thread so apologies.

    There is coffee nights held at the Vic Park Hotel 7 pm onwards on the first Thursday of the month.

    Also there are a few riders going to the Northam Festival have a look for the thread and maybe you can go along too.They are meeting in Midland at 8.30am Saturday 28th if I remeber right
  18. Welcome Gordo Glad to see another Perthie.

    Coffee nights have recently started and they are from 7pm onwards at the Vic Park Hotel on the first Thursday of the month.

    There is a ride a few Perthies are going on to the Northam Festival meeting at 8.30 in Midland if I remember.Search fort eh thread more details might be found