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Another newbie :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jaypee, May 28, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just saying hello to all net rider forum members. I have just put a deposit on a black Honda VT250. Hopefully i will be picking it up next weekend. Learnt quite a bit already, browsing around with all the available info, its a great site.

  2. Hey bud whats crackin? :grin: :biker:
  3. Hi Jaypee, welcome to the site. :)
  4. Welcome and nice choice of wheels.. congrats and enjoy.. :grin:
  5. Thanks Guys..

    A lot of the more exeperienced bike riders I know, have recomended the spada. They all said it will be a great bike to learn the craft of riding. Prices are also quite reasonable.
  6. Welcome and good luck.
  7. welcome!!!! nice bike! oh and stay rubber side down!
  8. Welcome to the forums JP and congrats and the purchase. Keep the rubber side down and have fun on the roads :grin:
  9. Hi and welcome. Nice bike choice. :grin:
  10. Welcome to the Forum!!! VTR250 will be a lot of fun, those little twins are a great first ride. :)
  11. SPADA!!!!!

    You'll love it. They're a great little bike, solid as a rock, goes alright, looks good too.

    Welcome to the forums as well by the way.

    Where are you from??
  12. Welcome to the nuthouse.

    Where you from?
  13. Welcome mate. VTR great choice. And the black is the business.

    Never mind the Spada. Too old and doesn't have the appeal of the VTR. I still see 600 dukes that I think are a VTR until they are close up.

    You will love it mate!!
  14. Read the post people, he bought a Spada. Wise decision IMHO...
  15. Yeah, welcome, jp and let me also ask, where are you from, someone wants to invite you out on rides and all sorts of stuff :grin:

    {And where did you buy the Spada??}
  16. yes welcome and enjoy mate.
  17. Hey..

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

    Its a spada.. I dont mind the age, as I will hopefully upgrade when I get my full licencse. I have to say that I like the look of the VT rather than the VTR.

    BTW.. im in South-West Sydney.. Between Campbeltown and Liverpool.. Everyone seem to invite me to go for rides with them. Can't wait!!!

    I haven't heard anything bad about the spada yet. Sounds like I made a good choice. :)

    I bought the spada at Caringbah Motorcycles. Steve (the owner), Bruce and Chris are all very helpful.

    Thanks again.

  18. Steve's a champ. That's where I got mine from (RIP).

    Keep an eye out for rides organised in Sydney, there's been a few lately...

    Also, don't forget Homebush Bay brewery on the first tuesday of every month... (Hornet/Dante: Ha Ha, Beat You...)
  19. Sounds great.. I will need to practise first though, before I go long or semi-long rides..
  20. VT.............VTR................all good mate. Same engine.

    Enjoy and ride safe.