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Another Newbie...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by mygen7, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone, been lurking for a little while now just reading bits and pieces. Thought it was about time I introduce myself...

    I'm going for my L's this Thursday/Friday at HART in Tullamarine. I did a 1 hour trial last Friday and absoultely loved it, I seemed to pick it up quite easily considering I've never really ridden bikes. I've got the 'Victorian Rider' handbook and starting to read through that. As the day gets closer I'm getting more nervous!
    Does anyone have any general tips for the test/course that I am doing? Or just anyone who's recently done it that would like ot tell me about their experience?

    With regards to bikes, I went and looked at a Kawasaki ZZ-R250 last night and think I'm gonna buy it...looks to be in pretty good condition on the outside but I need someone to help me check over it as I don't know anything about bikes as far as the mechanical side is concerned...anyone around Eltham/Greensborough area like to offer half an hour of their time for this newbie?
    I'm thinking about putting a deposit on the bike Thursday night (provided everything is all in order), so the RWC can be done Friday and bike will be in my hands Friday night/Saturday morning to let me have a play aorund with it over the weekend :)

    Anyways thats all from me for now...thanks in advance!
  2. Welcome, probably the only thing that'll catch you out on the test is if you panic or stress out and make a stupid mistake. Just keep in mind that even if you do fail you can just redo the test later so just relax and you should breeze through.
  3. Got my L's the other week, no experience except for some scooter rides on my holidays.

    I was very nervous but all I can say is listen to the instructor and put your hand up if you are not sure, I did and it certainly helped me with the whole riding the clutch thing.

    The book read, read etc. The test is pretty straight forward commonsense really.

    Anyway go for it and remember relax, everyone is a newbie at some stage even the instructors.
  4. I went with HART at Tulla about 3-4 weeks ago and got through without any problems. The instructors were fantastic.
    In fact, only 1 person in my course failed (a stall during the test - just too worked up and panicked). Take it easy, RELAX...and you'll get through easily.
    As for the written exam...it is just common sense..so don't stress about it.
    Enjoy the course and good luck with the tests and purchasing your new bike!
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments/input so far...I'd be curious to know what percentage of people do fail the 2-day learner course...just hope that I don't become one of them.

    Another stupid question...the bike in this picture http://tcimages.net/DisplayImage.aspx?PD=8329348&S=ISS has fairing, therefore is not a 'naked' bike, is this correct?
  6. Correct.

    have a look at the Honda site for the VTR250...that'll give you an idea

    OR go to any of the online bike sales sites and do a search for naked bikes.
    Hope that helps!
  7. my 2.2c

    Hi MyGen7,

    I did the half day course [9am to 2pm] and passed with no real experience on a motorbike. The two day course should be a breeze and I would reccomend that people do this to get better skills day, I should have :oops:

    A tip I got early in my bike riding days was to look at the line you want to go on, not the obstacle so concentrate on passing and you will be right. :shock:

    Remember if 3% fail then 97% PASS, the old glass half full syndrome.

    Best of luck. :cool: :cool:
  8. I did the 2 day course at HART in Tulla in December, the instructors were awesome, the course is mostly practice so you get heaps of time on the bikes, 9 out of 10 passed, just study the book and relax about the test and youll be fine ! Good luck :grin:
  9. HART is pretty good, you should be alright, I got my L's from Kilsyth.
    the L's test is just a wrap up of what you will learn in 1.5 days (mainly the skills part of it, the written test is simply common sense). just enjoy the practice sessions and take every bit of knowledge you can squeeze out of the instructors (they are more willing to help). ask if you are not sure.
    relax and concentrate when taking the skill test, don't think about failure and you will be ok. the worst thing that can happen is you paying a little bit extra to do the test again the following day. but as i said you should be fine.... you'll surely hear "look where you want to go", "legs on (squeeze) the tank", and "use the rear brake on normal stop". goodluck.
  10. Thanks again for the input... just wondering if theres anyone reading this who knows a bit about bikes that would be able to come check out a bike with me...as I said in my previous post everything looks okay on the outside of it, its the mechanics of it I can't be sure about...although it started 1st time so thats gotta be a good thing!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Well...I made it through the first day of HART's 2 day learner course...but I guess tomorrow is the big test. Will definately keep you all updated and hope to meet and go riding with you guys very soon!!!!
  12. Hi there! Welcome aboard. :)
  13. Thanks everyone...I PASSED!!! Got only two questions wrong in the written tests & made one non critical error in the riding test (forgot to turn my indicator off). I picked up my bike last night...ZZ-R250.

    So if anyone around my area (Eltham, Greensborough, etc...) wants to go for a ride I'm definately up for it!
  14. 2 day course? :?

    unless U counting the orientation ride as day 1 & written/practical test
    as day 2?
  15. Congratulations mate!!

    Thats gr8!

    Was up your way a month ago riding to Eltham beach from St Kilda
  16. Great stuff, told you could do it :cool: . see you on the road.