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Another Newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by waterboy, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Hi there Guys and Girls :D , new to netrider but not so new to riding. Into anything two wheels, enjoying riding the spurs east of Melb at the moment, now the roads are beginning to dry back up. Sad to here of a few riders down during the past weekend! Wishing a speedy recovery to the people involved.

  2. welcome mate, what do you ride? have fun with the forum and post often :)
  3. Welcome mate.

    :D :D
  4. Welcome to the forums waterboy :)

    What kind of bike do you currently have?
  5. Welcome to the forums
  6. Welcome mate. Enjoy your stay and don't let the natives frighten you too much!
  7. Welcome to the insanity that passes (loosely) as a Forum :D
  8. 'heY waderboi' <:

    welcome, ill come with u in the hills to the easts uh.. saturday im free after 2pm and before 11am .. or maybe i should just dog work ..
  9. Yeah, welcome! Can you put a BIT of info about yourself in the profile section? Like, at least how old you are, and what you ride? This is a great family here, but the way to get the best out of it is to help us with what you put into it. RC's or Firefling's details are typical, and it makes it more friendly. Unless, of course, you are a CIA sleeper agent, and if you tell us any more than you have, you'll have to kill us!!!
  10. Hi waterboy... welcome the the forum
  11. Welcome to the forums Waterboy. You will find regular rides and coffee nights in the events section. Come along and let us put another face to a name :)
  12. Welcome Waterboy, have fun going through all the information that appears in here.

  13. If by "information" you mean "bullshit".......?

    Welcome :) .
  14. Thanks for the greetings people :) I updated my profile and will check out the events, thanks for the tip Flipper. My KTM is still a work in progress but should be a lot of fun :twisted: when its finished, dunno about the fuel range though!! Ride On.
  15. mmm, motard, melbourne west, you should talk to Skuffy in Geelong......
  16. Welcome to the 'nut house' waterboy!
  17. Welcome waterboy, good to see you are in to things like me, road and dirt. Hope we catch up at coffee night or a ride.
  18. Welcome waterboy......

    Hope to see you on a ride or at coffee some time
  19. He's not as loud & proud as me but bikes were all listed there for all the world to see! More water in ya scotch slyfox!