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Another Newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cleric, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. Howdy all,

    Spoke to Hondagirl last night and she recommended the site to me... Its fantastic... Love the fact that you can check out where people are located and see whos close to you. Great way of organising rides.

    Okay, lowdown from me... Got my bike in March, still on Ls, hardly ridden her, so battery keeps going flat and I have to jump start with car...
    Anyway getting pretty nervous as Ls expire in December and since hardly any riding...well you get my drift....

    Oh yes, my baby's a Honda CB250...

    PS..Name cleric comes from my love of the movie Equilibrium...
  2. Heya,

    Welcome to the forum so bright and early in the morning 8) It's great you have a car to start your bike :shock: lol. Nah I'm sure you will be going on loads of rides now that you have joined :twisted: Have fun and stay safe.

    Lisa :twisted:
  3. Hey there cleric!

    Glad to see you took my advice and checked out the site! :) Looking forward to getting out on the road with you soon so you can blitz the "P" test!!!
  4. Hi cleric welcome!!
  5. Yiasoo to you too:)
  6. Welcome to netrider cleric...hopefully u can bless bike and their riders when you do the group rides :LOL:
  7. Welcome Cleric, enjoy ya stay!! :D

  8. G'day Cleric, pleased to meetcha.
  9. Welcome to the forums \:D/
  10. Welcome cleric, I hope you get a chance to meet these lovely people. I wish I was closer so I could too :)
  11. Gday mate and welcome to the site
  12. bienvenu, ciao and welcome... :)
  13. Howdy & welcome Snap I've got a 92 CB250 called Bond want to go for a ride pm me or batphone 0409 337 912 had my L's since 15th Feb done 12,000km's!
  14. welcome to the forums cleric

    gets some k's up and get out there on your bike , practise , practise , practise .
    there are plenty of rides going about , and there is allways someone whgo is willing to hang around the back to guide the novice riders along , so dont be afraid to get out on a ride .
    the more time on the road the better you become .
  15. Hi all thanks for the ride and company on Sunday was a great ride & great weather I`m on holidays till end of Nov so if any one would like to go for a ride Im free anytime, give me a yell
    cheers all
  16. hi and welcome...

    (im just whoring to try and get 50 posts... ) hehehe jk..
    enjoy your stay, if the big bald man scares u too much just tell him you own a su... suzu... AHHHHH i cant even say it vic... damn it man
  17. so cleric what did you do wrong :?: groberts didn't invite you to coffee, :eek: :shock: :shock: :? that's a first. :LOL: :LOL:
  18. bugger , again
    i am getting tardy in my sleep deprevated old age .... my appoligies

    cleric check out the rides section and there is a stick saying friday night coffee .
    drop in and meet everyone .

    sorry about the manners .
  19. welcome aBoard cleric, to the friendliest place in cyberspace!