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Another Newbie!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Paul Eddo, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Hi there, I'm Paul and have just signed up. Looking forward to being involved with Netrider and getting to know some folks, especially around the Sunshine Coast QLD. Just returned from cruising the QLD North coast on our 40ft catamaran, now selling after living on board for 2 years, and moving back on land. Wife told me to get another bike to help me settle back in!! No worries, flew to Townsville and picked up a nice TDM900 07 model and rode it home. Now for a few mods to improve it!!..

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  2. Welcome to the forum!!
  3. Welcome...

    How do you live on the catamaran? Just berth it somewhere and stay on board? Without a permanent address?
  4. Well, we sold the house and bought it. My wife was still working, so I became the house husband, as well as upgrading the boat to suit our needs. We lived at a marina and on the weekends cruised the areas we stayed in, EG Sandy Straights, Hervey Bay. When all was ready we had a 4month cruise up the QLD coast, visiting outer reef areas and Islands as weather permitted. Whilst at marinas, mail redirections were put in place and then whilst cruising our daughter got the mail and passed on any important stuff and bills for us to pay. Living a dream, fishing, snorkelling, Island hopping, and hikes, like on Brampton and Percy Islands, all in your own sailing home!! No grass to mow, A BIG pool to swim in, that never needs cleaning, and if you don't like your neighbours, you move!!
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  5. You certainly were. Welcome to NR!
  6. Wow..

    Wish I could do that for a few months...

    I assume the catamaran has a proper kitchen with gas etc.
  7. Awesome. Only downside would be chronic seasickness if you suffered from it!

    Now you're finished with it, wanna swap the cat for my old mountain bike?
  8. Welcome aboard Paul :]
  9. Holy shite that's awesome. Good job on living your dreams mate! And welcome to the forum.
    And a wife that told you to buy a bike, living the dream indeed! Lol