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Another newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jacquieea, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Hi from sunny queensland! I have always wanted to ride - took me 15 years of marriage to convince hubby it was a good idea that I could have a bike to ride with him. Got my baby beautiful GS500F and ride for a couple of months before I got the confidence to go for my Ps. No problems! With much joy, I passed and hubby and I planned a midweek escape to some lovely roads in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. I was nervous my first real twisty roads, so we went out for some cornering practice to make me feel better. All was great! I was really getting the grin as a nailed a few tight turns. Riding home, I got distracted :( saw a roo beside the roundabout and eyed him off rather than watching where I was going.
    In the end: midweek escape cancelled. ( unless you count staying in hospital) broken wrist and battered confidence
    My baby is written off. Roo=1 newbie rider =0

    Must say though - it's great when the ed staff and the surgeon who plated and nailed me back together all offer to take me shopping for my new ride and get my confidence back :)

  2. Welcome! Sorry to hear that you've been through a pretty rough experience right at the start of your riding career. Get back on a bike when you can and you'll find you'll be sharper, more determined and focussed.

    However, dare I say, Husband =1 wife=0 =D
  3. You could be right @DarrylD@DarrylD funny thing is he was totally anti bikes before meeting me... Got him on a Scooter gave him the bug now he is totally addicted. Needless to say the scooter is long term history and there has been 3 bikes since.
  4. Bummer about your bike and yourself but was the surgeon hot?
  5. Lol surgeon isn't hot and he is married with kids and I work at the same place Can you imagine the gossip
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  6. indeed lol.....