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Another newbie with gear questions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Admiral Thrawn, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. I just purchased the following stuff:

    Arai RX-7 Corsair (Nakano)
    Arai iridium visor
    Dainese Kirishima leather jacket
    1 pair Draggin Jeans
    Dainese back protector
    Alpinestar Supertech boots
    Alpinestar GP Plus gloves
    Various cleaning kits

    1. I heard the RX-7 is loud, due to the lightweight construction and ventilation. Is it necessary to wear earplugs during city commutes?

    2. How do the standard dark tint and iridium visors compare in terms of functionality / visibility?

    3. I have a feeling the Supertech boots are going to get very hot, especially with the kevlar jeans coming down over them to the ankles. I'm going to be riding into town most days to lectures and they could get a bit awkward, although I guess that is the compromise for having maximum protection. Any tips to improve comfort? Perhaps longer socks? I'm thinking about taking another pair of shoes / sneakers with me to change into if I'm gonna do much walking. Only problem then is if I take the boots off I have to worry about theft.

    4. Is there any danger in wearing a belt with the jeans? Could the metal buckle pose a hazard?

    5. Do you think there is anything I should add to this list which may be needed to deal with very hot / very cold / wet conditions? I plan on buying one of those $90 rain suits that goes over your jacket and pants, but what should I do about the gloves? Just not worry about it?

  2. Earplugs - it is wind noise that causes hearing loss. How much of your commute is at speed? If the commute was less than say 20 mins, I wouldn't worry about them.

    Boots - you bought them already. Your choices are limited if you can't leave them safe when you want to change into other shoes, but try the long thick socks.

    Belt fine, it may scratch tank in an accident, so don't have any accidents :wink:

    I have one of those suits, water gets down your neck if not done up correctly. Why not buy waterproof gloves? You can try surgical gloves on under your gloves should it start raining which will work OK.
  3. Admiral, I don't recall you asking for advice BEFORE you bought this stuff, (not that you necessarily should have.....) so I don't know what can be done to make things any different now you already have....

    You should wear earplugs whether of not the helmet has a reputation for being noisy; once you've lost your top register to wind noise, it won't be coming back no matter what you do.

    Any boots are going to be hot in summer if you wear them all the time; they're riding boots, not all-day boots. If you can collar a locker or a secure place at your work, I'd be getting them off pronto and wearing normal shoes all day.

    Belt buckle; make sure the bike has a tank protector, the bike's in more danger from you buckle than you are. (Of course, if you were braces with your riding gear..... :LOL:).

    You can and should buy a pair of wet-weather gloves too, and carry them under the seat or in your tank bag; you need all the feel you can get on the controls when the weather is bad, and soggy normal gloves won't help..
  4. The only other thing i can suggest is knee protectors. Yuo can get draggin ones for around $25 that can be fitted in your jeans or just buy MX ones that strap to your legs.
  5. re: windnoise..

    is this a problem with all helmets or just some? im looking to get a shoei.. where can i check which helmets have higher or lower amount of windnoise?
  6. That is what I was referring to in point 5. I can always buy more stuff. ;)

    I noticed you can get the Supertech boots vented, however that wouldn't be much good in the wet.

    To do list:
    - rain suit
    -wet weather gloves
    - tank protector
    -another pair of pants + enquire about knee protectors

    I think I may have already lost some of my hearing from years of open-wheel car racing. I should really schedule a hearing test.

    Any ideas as to where I should get the plugs from? Have them custom-made by someone?
  7. Most people here swear by earmolds, www.earmold.com.au they cost a bit more than standard ones, but they are the best in protection. You can get a version that has an inbuilt headphone if listening to music while you ride is a requirement....
  8. Ear plugs: lots of support for earlmoulds around here, but I recently came across this: http://www.diycustomplugs.co.uk/ basically, they sell you a bit of putty you yourself mould into the shape of your ear... I ordered a kit and I plan on posting my findings.
    But generally, I think how much you need plugs depends on your riding. If you do short trips at low speeds you can probably survive without them - I hope so because I'm usually too lazy to bother with earplugs in such scenario.

    Rain gloves: a pair of surgical gloves worn under your regular ones is one option, buying a pair of overgloves like these is another.

    Boots: definitely, plan on having separate pair for riding and another for wearing off the bike. You can have either comfort when walking or protection when riding - requirements for these two are not compatible. Any boot that claims to offer both has to compromise somewhere. (usually around ankle protection - that's where stiffness is essential for protection against twisting, but flexibility is essential for being able to walk)
  9. My alpine stars are confortable to wear around
  10. You mean boots? What model?
  11. I would recommend long socks with the Alpinestars, i have SMX-R boots and never found any discomfort with them at all until i wore shorter socks one day and they rubbed my calf pretty bad just at the top. I have worn them to work on numerous occasions and aside form being restricted in flexion/ extension i don't have any problems with them (i'm a chiropractor so lots of standing and leaning over people). They do however get pretty hot and sweaty but any boot will do that.
  12. Thanks, that's what I wanted to know! :)