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Another newbie with a 2007 V-Star Custom

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by JakeG, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wanted to quickly introduce myself to the forum. I'm very new to the world of motorcycling and have just picked myself up a nice Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom (pictured below). It came with all the goodies you see in the photo so unfortunately I probably wont be much help with advice on any of the upgrades. I do however have all the reciepts etc if anyone is curious about prices.

    Modifications include:

    Matte Black Paint work with badge removed
    Vance and Hines Cruiser Pipes
    Hyper Charger
    Kuryakyn Flame Grips
    White walls
    Forward controls
    Led Brake Light
    Shortened rear guard
    Kuryakyn Mirrors
    Bullet indicators front and back (clear)

    Well thats about all I can see. The bike has an awesome sound and seems to have a lot of guts despite what I'd heard prior. Although I dont have a whole lot to compare it to of course.

    Hopefully I'll get to chat with some fellow owners and share some tips etc.


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  2. Yeah, I do like these bikes when they're customised like this!

    Interested to know how it goes at freeway speeds?
  3. To be honest, I've had it at 100kms for about 10 seconds in total. I've only had the bike for two weeks and am trying to ride around back streets in my area to get used to riding. I'm not overly confident at this point so dont want to risk it on the freeways just yet.

    Observations so far is that it handles the high speeds with ease. It could do with another gear though as it seems to be sitting at a reasonably high rev rate. Not too excessive though. I'll keep you posted once I've had a bit more experience with the higher end of the speed range.
  4. I've got a 2011 V-Star Custom and they handle freeway speeds & twisties fine. No problems at all there. Love the bike. (y)
  5. Very nice!

    Do you know wheather the rear fender was cut or rotated forward?
  6. Hi Jake, welcome to NR, nice crusier had a classic myself comfy as!!
    White walls look schmick too
  7. I beleive it was cut going from my conversation with the seller. I'm considering a colour change too. Wouldn't mind something with a tad more shine to it.
  8. Mate you'll get along just fine here if you stop with this kinda crazy talk...
  9. Hi Jake & welcome.
    Nice ride ya got there.

    When I had mine, it topped out at 165. ("so I've heard officer"!!!!!)
  10. You will find the bike will serve you well for quite some time,

    As for the extra gear you will find both the 650 and the 1100 could do with a sixth gear as once you start riding on the freeway all the time you will often go to click it up a gear only to find you are in 5th. That said the top speed is 165km, but I wouldnt spend too much time going that hard as the bike wont like it (nor the local boys in blue).

    I love my XVS650 classic, but will be trading it in soon to get either a Roadliner or a Fatboy (I am definately compensating for something 8-[)

    Enjoy the ride
  11. Haha yeah I dont think I'll be spending anytime at 160kmh. I don't think I last long, so don't worry about the bike.

    NiteKreeper, re-reading my comment re: the colour change, maybe I could have made it sound a tad more masculine. Haha. The matte black is ok, but I want something a bit more custom.
  12. Just read through a bunch of related posts and it seems I have the J Slam mod on it. Explains why it's so damn low. Has anyone else done this mod?
  13. Quick update, I took it for a long ride up through the Dandenongs today and got the opportunity to have it at speed for a long time. In response to the question re: freeway speeds, observations are as follows:

    - It had no issues getting up to 100 and still felt like it had plenty to give beyond that (although I didnt test it).
    - Despite it being a semi heavy medium bike, it did feel fairly light and I was getting pushed around by the wind a bit. Again, I dont have much riding experience so this could be normal for all bikes this size.
    - The absence of a shield and the upright sitting position also meant that I could feel a lot of wind smashing against my chest rather than gliding across it.
    - Around corners and twisties I did sc**** my feet a few times which was pretty concerning. As mentioned, I've noticed that my bike has had the "J-slam mod" which means that its pretty low and does not have much room for leaning. I'm considering raising it just while i'm learning, or alternatively doing the fork mod to give a bit more clearance at the front where the issues are. Detailed description here: http://www.650ccnd.com/mods/forks/fork.htm . Would love to hear from anyone who has done this as I have zero mechanical knowledge and would be interested in hearing how difficult it was.

  14. Thanks for that. Yes, although the lowered look looks damn nice, you would compromise on how far you could lean it. Still, I guess you could adjust your cornering style to compensate??
  15. Just letting people know.
    That was once only & on a long straight. Just to see what she'd do.
  16. Must have been a very long straight, I've had mine at 25 less but I think it would have gone faster with a few more k's of straight.

    I've just done the snowy ride and the bike happily sat on 110-120 on the way up and back.
  17. Hi Jake,

    Welcome to the forums. Nice ride! I've got an 08' Custom myself, they're sweet as rides eh.

    I was interested in the short shots, thinking about picking myself up a set. Wondering if you could let us know where they were from and price?

    Thanks and enjoy the ride
  18. The bike unaltered scuffs pretty easy so I dont know why anyone would ever lower them. As for being pushed around with the wind it does take a little getting used to. The first time I hit highway speed I was like holy shite!!! But after a while you get used to it and now I only notice when I go way over 100km/h (usually overtaking long trucks) and my skull cap starts wanting to peel my neck back (the full face does the same).

    I am pretty sure you can adjust the back spring with the adjustor just under the seat. My wifes bike is lower and stiffer than mine due to changing this setting.
  19. Doesnt take that long a straight.........I know a guy who was reaching those speeds before hitting the Putty 10 mile ;) (from Singleton to Windsor)...................

    These are a great solid bike...........I like its design the most. It has that classic cruiser look that never looks outdated...............
  20. Sweet bike mate don't change the colour it looks good and I don't like cruisers.