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Another newbie, visiting Auz, what bike to get??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Zaphod99, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. G’Day all!
    New member here, travelling to Auz for an extended holiday, and hoping to see a lot of it on two wheels. My biggest issue is that while I’ve got several years on the road, it’s all been on a scooter, and much as I love it (don’t laugh: 180cc’s of twist-and-go can outstrip many a bike at the traffic lights!!), I don’t think it would be quite the job down under :). So, anyone got any suggestions what would be a good bet? I have a kind of leaning towards a eudoro type bike, no particular bias towards makes, and have a full licence, so not restricted to size, just not used to having to change gears. Am looking for something second hand up to about $8-9,000 that won't let me down in the middle of nowhere.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

  2. if you are planning on seein the capital cities and doing the touristie thing , get a road bike , but if you are planning going of road , seeing in land australia , cap york etc , get a road/ trail .
    what were you planning on doing ?
  3. G'day Zaphod99 & welcome to Australia & the forum mate :wink:
  4. what groberts said.

    if your gunna stick to the tarmac, get a road bike, it'll be ALOT more fun. but if you intend to jump on some less habitable roads, then grab an enduro.

    or you could go against the grain and grab one of either. for the money your talking there, you could get an older one of each in decent nick and take whichever one suits you on the day :D
  5. Hi again, and thanx for the welcomes

    I am initially planning on touring around the Sydney/NSW areas on road, but would like something that can go off-road later, once I'm more used to the whole thing. Eventually I'd like to do some longer journeys. High speed is not necessary; flexibility and easy to ride main priorities.
  6. Hi Zaphod99 new from where? I did my L's on a scoot & jumped straight on my Honda CB 250, He's very forgiving & copes well with the crappy rider he's had to endure but I'm getting better! Like coconuts said with the kind of money you're talking about you could get a cheaper version of both road & trail bike. Other things to consider would be your height as some trail bikes are very tall! Ask as many questions as you need to as you'll get lots of good advice in here!
  7. New from Ireland, landing in Auz in early new year. Reason I'm prepared to spend the bucks is 'cos above all else I wouldn't wanna be caught with a breakdown in some remote spot!! Plus, lookin' at some webpages in Auz, bikes seem to be a lot cheaper than at home. $9000 =~€5000, which wouldn't get you much in Ireland. You guys get the weather and the cheap bikes. No fair!!
    I'm tall, so size of bike is not an issue.
  8. Or if you didn't want to go Japanese, there's the Triumph Tiger. Plenty of grunt from the 955cc triple, good on the tarmac and good ground clearance (or so I'm told, can't freakin' well ride one yet!!).
  9. You think the bikes are cheap? Wait'll you get an insurance quote, you'll soil yourself with joy. Insurance in Ireland is the most amazing racket I've ever seen.

    Example - my car costs me $280 to insure here, 3rd party, fire n theft. A shitty 500 quid clapper in Cork was going to cost me thousands of pounds to insure.


    Anyway, you're gonna have a sensational time here - $9000 can buy you a HELL of a lot of bike. You'll get yourself a fire-breathing beast secondhand for those dollars. Check http://www.bikesales.com.au and do plenty of fun test rides before you decide!
  10. Hey Zaphod99, I am not long off the boat from Ireland either. Except I am not visiting, I am planning on staying. I do my L's in 2 weeks and then its bike hunting! Bikes are much cheaper here than in Ireland, and insurance is thankfully not even comparable! It also seems safer to ride here than in Ireland, virtually all roads have filter lanes to turn right! Amazing how they get away with what they do in Ireland. Anyway, rant over.

    Do you have a full bike license from Ireland? If you do then you'll be fine over here. You have to have had your full license for a certain number of years, otherwise you might have to display a 'P' on the back. Check out the details on the RTA's site

  11. OMG it's an invasion GSX14's folks started something!
  12. I've had a full licence for about 4 years, so I don't think I'll have any restrictions on bikes.
    Spud Gun, thanx for that link. Looks like there's no requirement to get an Auz licence, as I will be classed a visitor as I don't have a permanant visa.
    That suggestion of a triumph Tiger is cool, but I'm doubtful of the jump from 180cc to 900!!
  13. You're after a Suzuki DL650, the smaller V-strom. Flexibility/ EASY to ride/ good in city traffic/ good 2-up or lugging gear/ perfect for solo-long distance, a jack-of-all-trades with the heart of the SV650. Cheap to insure (compared to sports-bikes), brand new , ride-away price incl. one year registration $10k (if you haggle hard). Should have excellent re-sale, the last 2 shipments were sold out before new stocks, 1 bike left in AUS before next shipment mid-Dec. at the moment. 2005 models I talking, the '04s are cleaned out.
  14. I guess there's a sale involved after a fairly short time of ownership.
    The TDM/Transalps have been Sales-lemons on the AUS market, good bikes , but...they just don't sell for various reasons.
    Buying a new DL650, the outlay is not that much higher, there's a 2-year warranty and the bike can be fairly easily sold (with warranty) after the stint in AUS is over, either to a dealer or privately. The net loss overall could actually be well less than on other models/ 2. hand bikes.
  15. Thanks Pete.
    Guess next question is where's the best places in Sydney to look? I've noticed on bikepoint that there doesn't seem to be many dealers from Sydney advertising on it, compared to the number from the other major cities. Anyone rec a dealer that they've had good expierences with in the Sydney area?