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Another newbie to the site

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by busaman, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Gday all,
    Just joined up thought id say gday. Met a few of you guys on the weekend at the cafe. I ride a black-blinged hayabusa and have been on two wheels for about 20 years , also a L's and P's instructor , so to all gday and hope to see a few of you guys at the fiddler for a "coffee"


  2. Welcome to NR. I'm in the Hills Area, too. Lotsa hills near my house! :wink:
  3. Hi and welcome to netrider,
    For sure come to coffee, you will get to meet more of the nutty people from here. :grin:
    Did you ride out through wiseman's ferry to get to road warriors?

    Cheers Lou
  4. Welcome to the mad house Dean.

    Rock along to coffee, everyone's welcome & have a few laughs.

    If you are the fella that joined us thru wiseman's......noice bike.
  5. Thanks Kim , yeah that was me
  6. Welcome aboard.. :grin:
  7. Welcome to NR :)
  8. For a Busa to be truly blinged, it must have Pazzo Levers!!!!

    Welcome to Netriders
  9. Yep that was us Dean, Really nice bike, now you have given mr magoo (the other busa) more idea's I'll have to work more now :shock: :grin: )

    Cheers Lou
  10. You could actually be of some use here Dean. :grin:


    Fotos of ya ride?
  11. You'll definately have to get along to the Fiddler then, so we can drool over ya bling :LOL: :p :LOL:
  12. Hi mate and welcome.

    I sorta meet you I was on the cruiser ,reading your number plate every time you went bye.

    Love it. :grin:

    See you at the fiddler for a beer or coffee.

    Cheers Sled. :)
  13. Welcome to NR :grin: