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Another newbie to the ranks

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Millsylad, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,
    Hope everyone is well.
    Soo I finally made the jump up from my piaggio fly 150 and am now the proud owner of a Honda cb500f :D I have also joined the Adelaide Motorcycle Group so I can meet like minded people who can help me grow as a rider. I do have one question though so I don't show myself up too much on my first ride, what rev range should I be riding in?? The scoot was easy as it did everything for you but as it has been nearly a year since I rode a bike i'm unsure where to keep my revs

  2. Don't know about revs.

    Welcome to netrider, and congrats on the upgrade
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  3. Welcome to NR , mate ! Jeez , another South Oz coming out of the woodworks ! Bring it on !
    How new is it - still brand spanking or have you run it in already ?
    Ideally you don't want to be lugging the engine too low in the rev range (eg : too high a gear for too low a corner speed ) but also you don't want to be screaming it out up near the redline either (eg : too low a gear for too high a corner speed ) .

    Somewhere around the mid revs range will be roughly where you want to be . Every bike is different , but yours will be tuned for good all round performance with an emphasis on bottom end and midrange torque , rather than being a top end screamer (eg like a 600cc 4 cylinder sports bike )
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    I rode a CBR500r and I found riding around about 2.5-3k in a 60 zone was good. I shifted around about 5-6k but that's because the bike was in a run in period and it wasn't mine, so I didn't rev it too high.

    This is just my own experience, don't take it as professional advice. Maybe some of the more experienced guys can add some insight.

    Oh and Welcome!
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  5. HOWEVER , don't get hung up worrying about being slow when you're starting out - we all had to start somewhere . As I've said in other threads to newbies , if the people you're riding with are getting their shits on cos you're slowing them up , then you don't want to know them .
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  6. Hello and welcome, nice bike to start out on, have seen some positive reviews of those new Honda 500s. Medium revs is a good place to start, from 3k to 6k would be typical. You'll soon get a feel for where the engine is happy, pulling smoothly as the throttle is opened without lugging and vibration and not screaming its head off.
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  7. hold the front brake throttle wide open then dump the clutch, guaranteed to put a smile on your face
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  8. Thanks so much for the advice guys, it is brand spanking new the frame stamp is oct2013 :D I have done just over 300kms on it in a week and a half so I'm still conscious of running her in but I was told not to go too gentle. I have been riding in the 3K-4K rev range so it looks like I've not gone too far wrong. The other thing is I seem to be a bit slow when pulling off I actually had a car beep me :oops:. I'm fine once i'm going but I think i'm worried about looping or something when I pull off at the lights o_O
  9. Modern bikes with modern oils like to rev out of the box. Varying your speed and rev range is good for most motors when they are new, don't sit on one speed all the time unless you are changing up and down.
    Other than that refer to any run in recommendations in your owners manual.
    And welcome of course.
  10. Don't worry, just go to a quiet area and practice starts, gradually give it more revs and be a bit quicker with the clutch each time. You'll soon develop the muscle memory for a nice clean get away without stalling or popping a wheely.
  11. I don't know about the 500, but my cb400 I ride sensibly between 4500 and 6500. I ride "fun" at 7500rpm.

    My Cb125E doesn't have a taco and sounds like a lawnmower so I just keep the throttle open till it tops out, then change up :woot:
  12. Welcome to Nutrider! :)
  13. 1 Welcome
    2 RTFM
    3 Keep varying your revs and changing gears till you've run her in
    4 Ignore the impatient bloody cagers and ride at what you're comfortable with
    5 Practice practice practice