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Another newbie! (sorry)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dale-, May 12, 2007.

  1. Gday all, been reading for a week or so and decided it was time to sign up and join in!
    I've just got my P's and I'm about to purchase my first road bike. I've ridden dirt bikes since i was a kid so I'm not new to the motorbike scene, just the road scene.
    I think I'm gonna give the Aprilia RS250 a go, seems to have nice get up and go for restricted licence bike (im in victoria).
    Has anyone had any personal experience with this bike? I've owned a few 2 stroke motocross bikes so I know about how 2 stroke power band works etc.
    What's the maintenance on these bikes like compared to 2 stroke dirt bikes? I imagine they'd be as much work, and I'll put money on they're a lot more work than a 4 stroke.
    Can't wait to saddle up and get out there, thanks for any advice or comments yas have!


  2. I'm told the 2smokes do require a heck of a lot of maintenance.

    Chew through oil too apparently but are a faaaast bike.

    Don't spend too much on a two-fiddy. Get something cheap, wait out your restrictions and then spend real money on a real bike.

    My $0.02
  3. Yeah I assumed they would be very similar to dirt bike 2 stroke maintenance, worked on them a bit over the years so should be able to keep it maintained pretty satisfactorily.
    It's going to be a weekend basher and in the next year I'm sure it wont see HEAPS of use due to work commitments, thats why im not too worried about how much it'll need to be maintained cause it'll still be minimally used so shouldn't need many major things done (fingers crossed anyway).
    Does anyone know anything about new regs being passed in Victoria about the power to weight ratio thing? I heard a rumour that it'll be in soon and then the RS250's will be off the learner legal list. (hard to re-sell it then and money loss no doubt).
  4. if you really like it and has the cash why not. rather than riding a bike that you don't really like :grin:
  5. You should be fine with it, but they do have some shortcomings.

    If it's anything like the RGV (same engine) then they're pretty poor on the highway and have a limited range, something to consider.

    Fit the stickiest tyres you can get, probably dunlop GPR70's (now replaced with Alpha GPR-10's, still plenty of old stock of 70's probably). 70's were the control tyre for the aprilia cup, so plenty good enough for the road.

    I'd love one, I just can't be arsed with the maintenance side of things.