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Another newbie saying Hi

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Loulou4, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Hi all, found this site about a week ago. My husband bought me a DRZ250 for Xmas to learn on, haven't riden a bike before then. So still very much the learner but i passed me P's on Thursday and have gone straight to my Blacks, there has to be some atvantages in getting older. :)
    Anyway going to get a bit more experience riding the 250, then hopefully trade up to a 600. Found this site really helpful for riding tips and for buying a suitable bike. bye for now( i sound like tony barber) loulou4

  2. Good stuff loulou4!!!

    Welcome to weirdness and mayhem, the netrider way. :grin:

  3. HEY LouLou, another Wollongong rider, welcome to Netrider and the fun of two wheels.

    It MUST be time now to get a regular coffee night going, surely. Let's get on it, eh Josh???

    Does your hubby ride as well (I'd guess yes)? Maybe some of us know him?

    Hang around here and have some fun, we're a friendly bunch, and only Moike bites, (but he's a grumpy old BMW rider, so it's to be expected :p )
  4. hi and welcome. this is a great site isnt it. a wealth of infomation and help from people as well as good times to be had by all. cant beat it imho.
  5. welcome loulou ... it just keeps getting better :grin:
  6. ha! 30 older?!!!!!

    Welcome Loulou, Carri27 is right, it just keeps on getting better!!

    Have fun riding and learning and we'll see you both down in Melboure sometime I am sure,

  7. Hubby does ride. He only just got his licence too, after 22 years riding!!! He out on the GSX 1400 today, also got an XR 600. I would't let him buy :mad: the GSX unless I got a bike :grin: .
  8. hmm I saw a 1400 coming up northbound on the freeway near Dapto around 3:00 ish, that be him?
  9. Number plate BAD14?
  10. Welcome loulou4
    It's great when two partners ride. Its an interest both can share together and there is never an arguement when you want to upgrade :grin:
  11. welcome aboard loulou :grin: live to ride baby :grin:
  12. Definately, i think we have enough local riders to get a regular night going. The coffee and food is great around Wollongong!!!
  13. hi there
  14. Welcome *manic laughter*
  15. welcome to the zoo

    Cheers :cool:
  16. Welcome LouLou4 to Netrider and the thrills that come with riding. Carri27 is right - it does just get better.
  17. Hello and welcome LouLou4. :)