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Another newbie saying hi

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by happy.grl, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Howdy

    I've been lurking for a whil & thought it was about time to join and shout out a quick hello.

    It's my first time on two wheels, at least since I was 10 and crashed my pushie into a car down a hill :shock: (don't ask), so I decided to start with a scooter (Bella 125cc), then work my way up.

    I live in Melbourne, and look forward to meeting some of you at one of the coffee nights.

  2. Welcome to the forums Happy grl! \:D/
  3. Welcome to the Nuthouse!
  4. Welcome to the forums happy.grl
    Hope to see you at a coffee night soon :)
  5. Hi Happy Girl! We;come. :grin:

    The next coffee night is tonight at Northland if you're interested. :grin:
  6. Welcome to the forums :)

    Where in melbourne are you?, as seany said there is a coffee night tonight if you want to attend.
  7. Another newie fessing up

    Hi Happy girl,

    I am on the verge of joining the two wheelers on the road, and I have been lerking in the background to see if this forums feeds my needs, so far so good.

  8. Hi to you too Angelwings. :)
  9. Heloooo happy.grl

    Nice nickname, full of positive vibes :LOL:
    Hope you enjoy the scooter and netriders. Don't worry about any stirring people give to scooter riders, it's all in fun.

    And nothing compared to what the Across riders cop :roll:

  10. Angelwings is a woman

    I have another confession guys, I am a wild woman and am wanting to have fun and enjoy the company of some wild sided peoples. I am going for my learners very soon and will need some decent advise on the best bike to buy at the most reasonable prices together with gear to wear.

    I was thinking my knee high suede stilletto boots as a start where to from there? :LOL:

    :twisted: :idea:
  11. Re: Angelwings is a woman

    Dude looks like a chick.
  12. Thx for the warm welcomes. I hope to be able to make it tonight, if not then will try for Southbank on Friday.

    And Angelwings, can I suggest a leather mini to go with the stillettos? :p
  13. Happy Girl,

    I have not laughed :LOL: like that for some time, thanks for the advise, I have a leather mini in my wardrobe, I feel so complete now. :grin:

    You are right it is not just about speed, its about the wind between ????
    my wings off course. :wink:
  14. Same problem as Loz. On the leeward side is a dangerous place to be from that dude. :LOL:
  15. Hi Happy.grl and Angelwings and welcome to the forums :)
  16. Thanks Petertadhg,

    I have been doing a fair bit of roam the site, am looking to buy a bike getting learners soon and trying to decide on bike what is your 250 like for a beginner. :?:
  17. Re: Angelwings is a woman

    Happygrl's suggested miniskirt, stockings & garter belt small blouse tied at the midriff and open at the umm.... cleavage (ooh I must lie down, I'm getting all giddy :oops: )


    Playboy bunny suit :cool:

    But watch out if you see Gromit, cos hell tell you off for not being properly covered :LOL:

    (yes, I am a dirty ol' man, what other sort of old men are there?)

  18. The VTR is a great bike for beginners, Vtwin= plenty of torque, handles well and sounds pretty cool too! :)
  19. I have had a VTR for 2 weeks and I love it. Looks good, sounds good and most importantly, rides great!