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Another newbie question.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Spidapig, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Hi all, just after some advice, im fairly new to bikes only been riding a short time but one thing i did do before i started riding was buy all the safety gear (jacket, pants, boots, gloves and helmet) but i have noticed with the weather warming up im getting a bit to hot. My question is, how good are Draggon jeans (think thats the spelling). I realise they dont give the padding that leathers or the other pants do but are they any good, thinking about getting a pair.

  2. Good for skin not getting ripped off or clothes melted to your body, but not much else. I use them for commuting to work, have never come off (luckily) so can't really say how they handled, but they wont stop a broken bone.

    When I upgrade bike i'll probably get leathers, but if you're just commuting at nonfreeway speeds they should be ok.
  3. I'm looking at buying riding jeans aswell. I've read you can put knee protection in some of them.
  4. i ahve a set of draggins i use most of the time in summer, also have the knee protector inserts for them.. but the knee inserts just velcro onto the kevlar on the knee inside the pants.. would stop a bit of pain in an accident, but they arent much good for anything i dont think.

    ive also got a set of rjays style pants. they are denier, have padding int he knees, hip, and arse, and come with a liner for the colder months. cost about the same as a set of draggins, and whilst not as easy to get into bars with them on, i dont find them any less comfortable really.
  5. As i do most of my riding at 100k's i think i might be better sticking with my current riding pants. At least they have some padding in them.
  6. I find that it is more the jacket and the helmet that make you hot, the pants are only an issue in stop start traffic when it comes to heat. You will be hot in all the gear, but as long as you are not getting "heat affected" I would stay with leather.Good job on getting the right gear to start!
  7. Hey. I have a pair of draggins. I was severly hit by car drivers twice with the jeans on. Both were strong hits with me being thrown off the bike, pants have some scuffing around them and i had bruised knees but pants did not rip at all. So if you wanna just use them for shortish trips i would recommend them but for the longer ones i would go textile ones with knee pads coz leather gets even hotter. I used to have textile and i found that they were alot cooler in summer and also a bit more comfortable for the longer trips. :)
  8. I've crashed with a pair of Draggin cargo style pants on - I was very, very impressed.

    Full marks from me.
  9. most riding gear will not prevent breaking bones. But they willsave you from road rash. Losing skin is extremely painful.

    My leathers have saved my skin more than a few times on the track. I've slide across the tarmac in a few occassions and the leather is a bit rashed but still good. i've taken a bit of a tumble and bruised my shoulders. The armour is quite good.

    one important point about gear is for the gear to be a good fit so that the armour will not move around and protect the part that it is meant to protect.
  10. Yes you can :). Xii has them and I think they're pretty kewl :p

    Draggins are awesome, but I wouldn't recommend them for anything more than commuting. I lowsided in my draggins and leather jacket at 30, maybe 40km/h. Draggins held up well, but berludy hell the impact + gravel burns hurt like a squashed turtle. :?

    If you're doing any freeway stuff, or going faster than than 60km/h or so (my gauge), I'd go leathers. I don't ride in anything other than leathers for my weekend rides :p
  11. just make sure you get draggins that are a touch tight as they stretch..
  12. I don't like Dragging Jean (Personal Preference not risk related)

    My preference is perforated leather pants (not cheap) and carry rain pants for the occasional shower.

    For something cheaper the dri mess pants are better than most but not a good as leather (but cooler)
  13. Love my Draggins .. all 3 pairs. Yet to test em tho :shock:
  14. i wear mine if i'm only doing local runs.... easier to slip in and out....