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Another newbie on the roads

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lolrick, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Hi NR, thought i'd introduce myself - young guy that lives in Homebush NSW but spend a lot of time and base my riding from Kurrajong Heights. Was always into turbo jap cars, but because I drive one every day to work I found I was never excited about driving them on weekends (mostly because there's just more Sydney traffic) which is where the bike comes in!

    My family have been loaned a late 80s Kawasaki GPX 250, which is great except that after 30 minutes of riding my left leg seems to have all blood circulation cut off - not fun or comfortable. I'm hoping this is due to me being over 6 foot tall and will be resolved when i get a bigger bike - can't get my eyes off the KTM RC 390 but we'll see what happens once i throw the leg over a few different bikes at the dealership.

    Was head-over-heals for the brat bike look, but the more i ride the more sense sports bikes make and the more consumed my thoughts are with them! So far, the riding community is awesome - the car community can be very full of 'characters' that often rub me the wrong way.

    I'm a big fan of researching things and getting other people's opinions, which is what brings me to the forums.


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  2. Welcome :cool:
  3. welcome aboard :)
  4. Cheers for the warm reception!
    Unfortunately the bike lives up at Kurrajong so I have to drive out there to ride it, though that's not a bad thing as 1) living on bells line of road has heaps of great driving routes nearby and 2) the drivers at Kurrajong are a lot less hazardous than the ones out this way! Before the Champagne coloured Toyota Camrys lol.

    Those learner sessions look like legitimate lessons from a group of genuine, enthusiastic people - I'll definitely make my way there at some point! Here's half the reason I wanted a bike, socially it's just brilliant
  5. Welcome to the forum and a lifetime of addiction to things two wheeled.
  6. welcome to nr...
  7. Update: bought a delicious red CBR500RA. Absolutely smitten. It's just so good being on the road in this beautiful weather! I just love cruising and listening to the Yoshimura exhaust. Hopefully i dont develop a love for speed and knee sliding but ah well. Currently trying to hunt down a sexy leather jacket to compliment my AGV Grid i bought on special at MCA Auburn (what a difference a good helmet makes!)
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  8. Welcome to NR and Enjoy the CBR
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  9. Say, That's a nice bike!
  10. Welcome LolrickLolrick, from a fellow noob :)

    I know the feeling, the bug has bitten now, huh lol. Just checked out your new bike, I'm not into sports bikes but damn that looks very nice mate!

    Hope you see you down at the Homebush sessions eventually.
  11. Here's a quick picture next to my mate and bike mentors Cbr1000 Fireblade. My bike has the black double bubble shield, Yoshimura exhaust, adjustable levers, red seat cowl, and carbon indicators - basically everything I would have wanted to change myself.

    I recommend the CBR500 as a beginners bike for all the tall guys looking to ride - it's a much more upright position than the ninja/r3/cbr 300cc options, which is great because on those bikes my legs felt like they were folded in half - super uncomfortable after a few minutes.

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  12. Definitely! I'm fairly confident on the bike (in terms of riding sedately and defensively) so I want to get those P's ASAP, practice for the MOST, and meet some local riders!
  13. I'm sure katekate will agree - they do look hot!

    now there's a quote!

    congrats on the new ride.