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Another Newbie (Melb, AUS)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Honda24, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm Maree from Melbourne.

    Have had my learners since January and was looking after someones Vespa for 6 months which was great as I couldn't afford a bike for ages and it was a great way to get used to a two-wheel vehicle on the road with traffic, round abouts and tram lines (bane of my existence).

    Now looking to upgrade to a motorbike for the following reasons:

    1. Bikes are more exiting than scooters :p
    2. I want to ride further- my boyfriend lives in Ferntree Gully (outer east) and I live in Avondale Heights (inner west). Obviously a scooter isn't going to cut it.
    3. My ****box car has carked it and I refuse to drive it anymore so I need another vehicle to get around. Public transport isn't doing it for me.

    Looking forward to meeting other motorbike enthusiasts (none of my friends ride or would even consider it.)
    Would also love to find other women who ride and learn about their experiences. Maybe even find people to ride with when I eventually get mine.

    Wow I wrote an essay, oops.
  2. Nice essay ! being new here as well...let me know when you get your ride...looking for someone to kick around with...pretty keen to see how your man handles being on the back ! ha !
    take care :)
  3. Hi Jordy nice to meet you. Haha! Yeah me too. We will see as he has his own as well.

    What do you ride?
  4. Just got a GSXR1000 K8 - Kind of alot bigger than what i am used to but its the sexiest damn thing i have ever seen ! haha !
    what are you looking at buying?
  5. Welcome to NR Maree .. :D
    all the best in your bike hunting ..
    a great way to meet others is get along to the Tuesday Learners ride
    that leaves from the diner in Nth Melb ,
    also the Saturday morning sessions are great too :D

    welcome to you too Jordy :D , nice choice of the 2 wheeled variety ;)
  6. :moped:Welcome aboard Maree and Jordy, nice to meet you both. The little smilie is for you Maree

  7. Wow Jordy that is a very sexy bike! I'm looking for a Honda VTR250 to start off with. I have my sights set on a V-Strom very far down the track. Too powerful for me right now :p

    Hi Kitt! Yes i was reading about the learner rides yesterday. I think it's such a great idea! ANd nice that there are some experienced people willing to spend time helping newbies. I want to give it a go when I get my bike. In another month I should have enough money for my VTR :D

    And hi VinnyB! Hehe cute smiley.
  8. Hello Maree and welcome to Netrider. The best part about riding is when it's time to upgrade/purchase a new bike. Good luck with your future purchase and looking fwd to hearing your exciting news :)
    Safe riding.
  9. Hi Maree and welcome to NR
  10. Welcome Maree!
    Look forward to seeing you out on a ride or at Sat prac sometime down the track.

  11. Hi Maree, welcome to NR!
  12. Welcome and have a fun time here with all the other motorheads!!

  13. Welcome Maree :D
  14. Neat, another girl!
    I'm only new too, in fact, I've only done 5 trips on my bike. I'm loving it and so will you.
  15. Hello back to everyone! THanks for making me feel welcome. This is a fantastic forum.

    And very much looking forward to buying my bike and getting on it. Another month and fingers crossed I will have enough cash.

    And yes, I will make the effort to come to a learner practice ride at least at the start :D

    Also nice to see alot of girls on bikes ;)