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Another Newbie Intro

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ntewan, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Been reading the posts for a while & thought I'd sign up & say g'day.

    By way of intro I'm a returning rider after a 20 odd years away from the scene. With the price of fuel marching steadily northwards I decided that the daily commute (only 30km) would be cheaper (and more fun) on a bike. To keep the overall costs down I bought the cb250.

    First run around the neighbourhood rapidly convinced me that the skills were pretty rusty & I promptly booked in for a refresher course run by the local MVR (Basic 1). Best thing I ever did, good fun, patient & knowledgeable instructors who really love what they do. Now I'm enjoying my ride rather than just hanging on & wondering what the heck I'm doing out there. Booked in for a skills plus course in a couple of weeks out at the track, which concentrates more on higher speed cornering, braking, countersteering etc. Looking forward to it, even if it will probably be in the rain as the "wet" season is starting to kick off now. Hey I reckon its safer to learn in the rain on a controlled track than in traffic.

    Love the site.
  2. welcome to the boards, great to hear you done a few refresher courses. Safe riding

    cheers stewy
  3. Welcome mate.

    yeah I reckon this site is great. Although I think I have driven the guys nuts with many many many questions about what bike to buy!!

    heard darwin wet season is nuts alright.
  4. welcome back to riding ntewan.
  5. Thanks guys, time to head out & practice, practice.
  6. practice practice practice!

    Welcome aboard.

  7. G'day ntewen!!