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Another newbie - inner west Syd - Just got my L's!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by dru, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I thought I'd finally clock in my first post here. Usual story, first time poster, long time lurker, so I thought it was time to introduce myself.

    Firstly, I just got my L's today so I'm stoked! Woohoo!!!

    I live in the Strathfield area, and as soon as I get a bike I'll be very interested in attending those weekly Wednesday Sydney Learner sessions up at Homebush. If anybody wants to meet up and give me a ride up there for the time being that would be SWEEEET.

    Also, if anybody knows of a good bike for sale, let me know! I'm not looking to spend a bomb ($2.5k max), and I don't care if it doesn't look the shizznit. Just as long as I can learn on it and it isn't much of a hassle to maintain while I'm on my L's and P's, that's all I'm after.

    So far, the only 2 bikes I've ridden are a GPX250 and the CB250 on my course. I prefer the GPX250 as it's a little lighter and looks nicer (IMO). However, the GPX250 that I saw yesterday was a little old and tired, and I don't know the first thing about maintenance when it comes to bikes, so I'm still looking....

    Anyway a BIG hi to all and have a great new years' eve!

  2. Welcome dru.

    Congrats on your L's and Happy New Year! :)
  3. What a great way to top off 2008 by getting your L's!

    Well done Dru, and welcome to NR :grin:
  4. Congrats Dru !
  5. Thanks for the welcome! It sure was a great way to start the New Year. It also seems like the only thing I can remember from that day... the night seems to have been a bit of a blur as I got a little "festive" :LOL:

    Hope everybody had a good one, and I wish you all the best in 2009 too.

    BTW, I checked out a Suzuki Across yesterday and I think I like the riding position of that better than the GPX250. I'm slowly narrowing down my list of bikes one by one.
  6. Hey dru welcome.

    I'm from the Liverpool area, so we should hook up for a ride once you purchase a bike.

  7. Welcome, Dru.

    Heaps of helpful Netriders in Sydney, I'm sure you'll learn quickly.

    Just a suggestion; if you're looking at bikes in a particular part of the city, post it up here and take a more experienced rider/person with you to do the inspection/test rides etc; it may stop you ending up with a stinkerooo :LOL:.
  8. Welcome Dru

    If you get a chance, check out a Honda Spada (or VTR, the younger version - but more expensive) - it sounds like the type of bike you're looking for!
  9. Hornet- Thanks for the tip, do I just post in this section of the forum?
    dspark - Yeah sweet. I've seen a few of them advertised and I've heard they're great so it's on my list of bikes, but I just haven't found one in the area for a good price.

    Actually, does anybody know any good places that can ship bikes? I've been looking around but I haven't come across any company like that yet.
  10. Memphis - Yeah no probs, I head down to the Bankstown area on most days, and I can see myself TENTATIVELY riding into Bankstown most days, so we could meet up in the middle somewhere. Still looking for a bike though :)
  11. No worries, good luck with the search for a bike :grin:
  12. i got myself a honda spada, i think i probably paid more than i should have. it was 3500 with a full 12month rego but in really good nic, 37000 on the cloc.
    great learner bike, very light at only 140kg.
    good luck with it all
  13. Picked up my bike! ZXR250/ZX2R/whatever else they call it

    Yay! Picked up my first bike yesterday, a ZX2R :) Paid $2.2k for a good, clean and straight bike with about 40k km's on the clock.

    I was pretty scared riding her home... and about 1min down the road she stalled and I couldn't get her started. I was like, WTF mate??? Then found out the previous owner had filled up the tank the night before, but forgot to switch it to Primary afterwards :roll:

    Rode her back from Bankstown to Strathfield on the Hume highway and all that time my boot wouldn't fit properly under the gear lever, so there I am, shit scared riding on my first main road and also trying to upshift like a mofo and somehow managing it all the way home. Not a "relaxed" ride by any means. I kept getting weird looks when people heard me over revving the engine because I just couldn't be bothered shifting after a while. hahaha.

    She runs really well now after doing a minor service on her at home (oil & filter change only).

    I also noticed that I got a few looks riding it home yesteday from some of the neighbours up the street... she's a tad on the loud side hehe. Mental note, don't rip it open when going past the neighbourhood unless I want them to start spraying their hoses at me in my backyard A Current Affairs style.

    All in all, I'm one very happy camper!

    Pics to come.....
  14. Sounds like a great deal dru. Definitely need piccies! Look forward to seeing it in person too!

  15. Thanks OzYoda! I managed to have a ride around today again and it was definitely a lot of fun. I didn't get to take pics today, but definitely tomorrow.

    I feel comfortable enough to head on out to the Wednesday sessions too, so I might see you guys there this Wednesday if the weather is good.
  16. Hey Dru, a late welcome :grin:

    I'm just around the corner from you, giz a yell if you want to go for a ride any time. Happy to help you out on your Ls.
  17. Hey Hyssy, thanks! Where abouts are you? PM me and we can meet up for a ride around the area. hahaha.
  18. ZX2R for $2.2K

    Damn, was checking out the same bike at close motorcycles in redfern, $3.2K so you got of pretty good.