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Another Newbie here!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by SMOKEZ, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wanted to introduce myself. But before I do i want to say that i have been searching for a forum that caters for all type of riders from inexperienced to the experts, people that are willing to help others and not bag the crap out of them....... and especially with people that are'nt up themselves!!!!!! Finally found it all here :grin:

    Been riding bikes all my life.......dads fault really as he was into bikes back in the ol days! Im in my 30 somethings with the grey hairs showing through now :cry:

    I have a two year old son that loves bikes more then me :shock: because every bike that rides by, my boy will jump out of his seat when were in the car a scream 'motorbike dee'!
    He actually says motor bike more clearly then he could say daddy as he calls me Dee instead of daddy :cry:

    I've owned a few bikes starting with the 2 stoke pocket rockets, then onto the Yammy 600 then onto my dreambike....the GSXR 750 with a lil bit of engine tickling as all it did was break traction in 1st 2nd n 3rd gears..... loved it. But at the time i was living overseas! Tried to bring it back but it was forever lost in transit :evil:

    I just started working in the city again and have been bitten by the bike bug as work is seven days a week....sick of sitting in peak hour traffic!

    I found out that i have to re-sit for my L's again as while i was living overseas my bike licence was not renewed :mad:

    Currently trying to sell my turboed cordia to fund for a cheap commuter until the L restrictions are finished....then on to my dream bike(s) :oops: either a TL1000 or The Duc 916 Senna drool drool!

    If anybody knows or wants to swap a road reg 250 for a turbo Mitsubishi Cordia please get in contact with me. Just thought that there may be someone out there that would like to swap [-o< Oh! Only in Victoria if possible!

    Who ever can connect me or even swap with me will recieve a case of fine red n white wines from around Victoria as i actually export the stuff! My wife thinks i drink more of it then i export it :blah: :beer:

    But anywayz...... thanking everbody in advance for reading my gibberish!
    And hoping I will be helpful on the forum in future!

    Hopefully will get to be on the road soon and join all the fine brothers and sisters out there!


  2. What's the turbo Mitsubishi Cordia worth?? It may be worth a lot more than your run of the mill 250... just trying to keep some $$$ in your pocket :cool:
  3. Thnx for the reply Aaron.

    Cordias worth $2-3000. I have 12months rego n a RWC so it all depends on how much is offered.

    Moneys not an issue though as i would love jump on a bike asap......sadly enough my feet are itchin to jump on a bike again.
  4. welcome smokez!!

    sorry i cant help you with anything there. just thought i would say the welcome thing :) wouldnt mind taking the case of wine off your hands though!!!!

  5. You're in Sydney so you'd have to venture down this way and share with us :wink: