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another newbie from western sydney

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chickibabe, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. Hi there everyone, just thought I'd introduce my self. I've only had my L's for 2 weeks and I'm loving it, after alot of years saying you would never catch me on bike. lol. My hubby has been riding for many years and it just scared me to death. But I'm over that. Well I'd never been on a bike before I got my L's, so at the moment I'm still really nervous about riding out there. I've got a 1980 cb250 which is bright purple/pink ( my hubby thought people would not miss me then lol), but I stuggled with the height of seat. So he bought me a 99 yamaha zeal yesturday, so now i can touch the ground without dropping my bike. I just wanted to know can you tell me of anywhere in sydney to have someone run through the P's test with me and just to get my confidence up ( hubby has no patience lol) I'm over 30 so I don't wont to stay on L's for too long or am I just jumping to far ahead of myself.

  2. Howdy and welcome to the forums, you struggled with the height of a cb250 :shock: ....How tall are you??
  3. Welcome to the forum, cb! Any help we can give is always a pleasure. There's plenty of Netriders in Sydney (I'm in Wollongong so I'm a bit far out for you). Plenty of folks who've gone through the same process recently, too.
  4. hi and welcome. hope to meet you two at social nights at homebush bay brewery.!
  5. G'day welcome.

    If you struggle to find someone to help you out you should be able to get a practice session from one of the bike trainers up there, they will have all the inside tips.
  6. Hi and welcome.

    I've only been on my L's for bout a month or so, but i have to say once you get your confidents up, you'll be zipping thou traffic like crazy.

    But until then take your time and have fun, thats what bikes are for ;P

  7. Hi and welcome.

    I have been on my L's for 5 months ,there really is no need to rush out and get your P's ,take your time.
    Im over 30 ect and im still learning U turns ect ,if you rush it ,i don't think it will do you any good .

    After a few months or if your no confident ,you can do a 3 hrs pre P's course at stay up right ,rideing school.
    Ball park price was $100 i think,and it's little bit more 1 on 1 lesson.

    See the stayupright website.

    Come along to coffee night 7th march 7pm ,homebush bay brewery ,it's at the olympic site ,near the railway station.
  8. Hi

    If you go to this site:
    and click on the tests on the right hand you should be able to learn about them a little more.

    Maybe if your up to it you can mark them out somewhere(i did this in a carpack type of area) and practised the course...

    Just remember fast idle, slip the clutch, rear brake and look where you want to go. You are probably tired of hearing all of this but trust me it does work.

  9. The easiset way to practice for the test is to go to an unused carpark, with some plastic cups/ half tennis balls, etc...set up the cone weave, u-turn bay and then practice ,practice, practice.
  10. welcome to the forum. I am over 30 knocking on the door of 40 and am on my L's for a month now.

    Don't worry about your P's you will know when the time is right, untill then just keep practising, welcome \:D/

    Remember people who have been riding a long time sudf this forum so ask any questions, I know i have
  11. I'm only 154cm tall, I'm a short chick leave me alone :), but I've struggle since I got new tyres :grin:
  12. Thanks I sure will get in there one tuesday night hubby :( works night so that is no good for hime but once I've been riding in traffic a little more I will :grin: Thanks
  13. Thanks I sure will get in there one night hubby works nights so that is no good for him but once I've been riding in traffic a little more I will :grin: Thanks
  14. Thanks for the welcome everyone, I sure will put you all to good use, Thanks
  15. Welcome chickbabe
    Have fun on the roads :)