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Another Newbie from Western Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tunafi2h, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Been a long time driver but now a newbie rider. Discovering all the new things aboout 2 wheels. This forum is great for newbies like me so thanks everyone. Its funny how much motorcycles I now see on the road than before I started riding one.


  2. That's because they're all stalking you now.
  3. Welcome.Join us>
  4. So where abouts in W.S? There's a fortnightly run you can join - runs start in Penrith (check it out here)

    ...and for my favorite chicka...

    So, are ya hot??


  5. Oakhurst. Might give the Penrith ride a go when i'm off my Ls.
  6. A BIG WELCOME TO NR from another Westie! I'm also a newbie rider.
  7. Hey dude im close by to you actually....theres a few of us down your way. I usually go to Starbucks Mt Druitt with some riders.........join us if you want. If not just ride around the burbs. Its always better to ride around with someone..............just PM me.
  8. When is this Starbucks meet up you speak of.. and does one have to be male and ride a "real" bike to join?
  9. I have it intermittently, but ill see if I can have it this Wed.......nah theres actually another chick in the area that should be coming to it...........and you dont even need a bike to go, so long as your a rider and love bikes (ive been excluded from group meetup before because my bike was broken and couldnt ride it...big bummer).

    As for riding a real bike.................well, not everyone is awesome enough to ride a Kawasaki :p.
  10. I must be awesome-in-training then.. my next bike *after i pass the MOST* is going to be either the new ER-6nl or KLX250SF, an older ER5or a 1999 Balius.. I love the Kwakas (y)
  11. Im also from ur area and looking for a few people to ride with. I have less than 1 month to go till I get my full licence but I already bought myself a gixxer 600 coz suzuki had a run out sale I couldnt say NO to. Maybe one day we could all go and ride together so I can get more practice riding my gixxer.
  12. Should organise something off week of the Penrith run (y) I'm just next door in Blackett
  13. Bernie dood
    Post a hello in welcome ??
  14. GREAT - More Westie Riders!
  15. Hows your bike going dude? enjoying the freedom?..................

    That month stretches like a MOFO, I did that when I bought my Ninja...........
  16. What do u mean post a hello in welcome? Sorry im new to this and I dont know what you're talking about.
  17. Yeah, I wouldn't mind trying the Penrith run. Im actually looking forward to it so i can run my bike in.
  18. I actually bought my gixxer nearly a month ago and i still have to wait for another month. Well, less than a month. I had a ninja 250r monster edition and was gonna buy a ZX6R but suzuki seems to be more comfortable than the ZX6R plus Suzuki had their run out sale first. Looking forward to cruise around..
  19. Hey, How are u? How often do u guys meet up? Would u mind if I join u guys once I get my fulls?
  20. Ok Phil. Sorry I didnt know what u were talking about but after taking time reading other peoples post I found out what u meant. Cheers.