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Another Newbie from Syd!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by trooper15, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Just saying Hi to everyone out there!

    Just got myself my first bike a Honda Spada '88 (I know it's a 25 yr old bike) but it's a good'ol bike to ride around on! :cool:

    Been reading most of the posts here.. And it sounds like I made the good choice for my first bike.. tnx netrider!
    **hoping to pass the P course on this bike!!** :)

  2. welcome trooper15:peace:
  3. Hello and welcome.
    I found the practice sessions at Homebush on Saturdays were a great help in preparing for the Ps test.
    Also a great way to meet other NR people.
  4. Hello. Welcome to ye ol' NetRider. Get yourself down to the Learners sessions like fin mentioned. It's an awesome place to practice with a bunch or amazing folk there to help ya out.

  5. Welcome to NR Trooper15
  6. Welcome to NR...
    The learner's place at Homebush is an excellent spot to practice... even if you're not a learner - good way to keep your skills honed.

    If I'm ever going past that way I always stop in for a practice session.
  7. Thanks all!

    Cools that's where I actually ride around when I'm not working on Saturdays! I actually haven't noticed anyone else around there.. hehe maybe I ride in too early.. hehe :) I'll check it out... Thanks!!
  8. Welcome.
    I used to ride Spada as well ( 89 one ).
    Recently sold it cus I cant keep too many bikes.
  9. Thanks TOH.. I've only had it for 2 months and every free chance I get I take it out for a spin.. it's great.. I love it! I have my moments but the Spada just keeps on going! :D
  10. Welcome and +1 on doing the learner rides(y)
  11. Howdy pardner.