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Another Newbie from NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AndieC, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    Just found this site and I look forward to reading and sharing.

    Love rides and rallies, not enough of them nowadays.


  2. Welcome and hopefully you'll find some good rides on NR.
  3. Welcome Andie, Yes the rally scene seems to have dropped away, can't stand the pace these new riders ;) Or perhaps it is the tent aspect that dissuades people, and the chorus of drunken snores at night ;) Ear Plugs are de rigueur for rallies I find.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  5. Snoring? what snoring? usually too buggered to notice.. LOL.. Yep, I too think the younger ones cant stand the pace of the ride.

  6. Hi and welcome

    Still a few rallies happening around the place, just need to decide if it's a riders rally or a HD rally your after.
    Im off to the cold flame rally, down on Barry way (40km south of Jindabyne) on Sat 7th March.
  7. Hi Dobbo

    We are only 10 minutes from where the Brass Monkey is held, and hubby has been to Wombat. However, Far Cairn @ Tottenham, is on the same weekend and a better ride all up!

    Hubby will be attending Cold Flame (weekend following this) I bit far for me as I have other commitments, & we might do the Capital this year now they have chosen a site. My favs are Karuah river, Alpine, Hat, Kosciousko, and Casper.

    Im surprised that there isnt more on here promoting them.

  8. done the Far Cairn a couple of times, its not to bad.
    Just did the Karuah rally, it was a top spot.
  9. Well there you go.... we were at Karuah.... great weekend as usual and also the weather again was good. We stayed an extra night after everyone left and enjoyed the serenity of the place without all the people