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Another Newbie from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bodglet83, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Hello All,

    I’ve just got my learners and I’m loving riding a bike. I have a little Honda CBF 250 as I was told it’s a good bike for females to learn on.

    I have joined netrider to hopefully meet people who have the same passion as I do and that is happy to have a female tag along. I’m keen to get out on day trips as much as possible and attend some learner sessions.

    I recently road the black spur with a few mates who also just got their learners and will be joining netrider. We loved it. Had the swags attached to the back of bikes and really enjoyed a weekend away. We all plan on doing some more camping trips along the way and will post up events for anyone who is interested.

  2. cbf's are great learner bikes...even better if your hot....I wonder....are you hot??

    welcome to netrider matey - enjoy =D good to see your getting out camping n having a good time with it all
  3. Welcome. You'll find plenty of group rides from netrider and a ton of people who love riding obviously. Get yourself down to a sat practice in st kilda if you can, as alot of us will hang out and also do some good slow work practice.
  4. Thanks Lament. Where can i find the details for the Saturday practice?
  5. hey! welcome to NR... see you at practice or on the Spur ;-)
  6. Welcome, there is also the Tuesday night learner ride, if you are feeling comfortable riding at night
  7. Cheers mate. Ill find the thread and have a look. Might see you out there :-O)

  8. Here
  9. Welcome to NR Bodglet and thumbs up for having a crack at Black Spur, what did you think? Perhaps you may not have ridden it before most of it was recently resurfaced?

    Day trips are aplenty with the occasional overnighters thrown in for that extra time away with a friendly group exploring great roads.

    Hope to see you and your 2 new friends around soon. :D
  10. yep welcome and dont forget the sunday learner rides as well!!
    see there are others with the passion.