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Another newbie from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Huckleburger, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Hiya,

    Just found these forums recently and thought I'd say gday!

    I got my learners just before Christmas and picked up a 2011 CBR250R. Having much fun with it and really enjoying being on 2 wheels. My wife thinks its a midlife, I reckon Im a bit young for that yet but all i keep asking myself is why I didnt do this 20 years ago!

    I live in the foothills of the Dandenongs and work up in Belgrave, so I often find myself taking the long way home from work :)

    Really enjoying the Honda, it will do me fine until Im off restrictions, just gotta get myself organised and book in for the licence test.

    Anyways heres a pic of the bike, this was taken not long after I bought it, I have since installed a Givi top box, which comes in very handy, especially picking up the bread and milk on the way home from work :)

    Stay safe.

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  2. Welcome from another Melbournian.
    Some very nice rides so close to home, I'm jealous
  3. Hi and welcome to NR
  4. Cheers guys, and yep I'm enjoying the hills alot more than i used to :)
  5. I used to live in Yarra Junction and ride a Kawasaki 250 triple two-stroker round those roads. Mucho fun to be had :LOL:

    Welcome to riding and to Netrider. If you read all the good advice here you'd be old before you finished, and not have any time for riding.

    (Peeks out window, sunny skies) GET OUT THERE!!!!!
  6. welcome to NR and enjoy :) nice bike too
  7. Cheers guys, there is much information on these forums and good advice. I can see that people here have put in much time and effort to help the new rider, and its very much appreciated, although its a little difficult to take it all in after the first read, nut im sure over time it will all sink in :)
  8. Welcome in, Mate.

    Just learn to ride the bike first, clutch, throttle and brakes must be under control.

    Baby steps.
  9. Nice, I live in Upwey and cruise through Belgrave pretty often on my way through the hills. Great fun. I got my L's in Feb.

    Tell me, how do those CBR250Rs go at the 100kph mark? My old CB250 kinda cries as I slowly push it from 80 to 100, 5th gear@6000rpm. I frequently wish for a 6th gear.
  10. Welcome to the nuthouse ! Nice bike .... see you down Elwood soon ?
  11. @mad Marty - planning to be in Elwood tomorrow morning :)

    @theLuke - mate it seems ok at 100-110 I've done some k's on melbournes freeways, get blown about a bit on windy days and still enough throttle left in reserve if needed, for a 250 it's exceeded my expectations. It gets up to 100 at a reasonable pace, even though you gotta ring it's neck lol
  12. Think I saw you roll in, however was up and off on a ride fairly quickly and didn't get the chance to say hi ....... hope you enjoyed the sheh
  13. Welcome to NR Huckleburger and it was good to meet you at Sat practice, twas I who directed you towards Hawklord for some tips before you started the cones. :)