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Another newbie from Canberra saying hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by truffle, May 2, 2016.

  1. Hi
    Been riding bikes since the late 70's (I will get my car license one day) starting with unregistered postie bikes, Honda SL125, Honda 400/4 then moved on to BMW's and never left them. Still have a 1984 R65LS, 2003 1150 RT and did have a brand new 2015 R1200RT for two weeks but unfortunately crashed it and have been recovering since February from that. My first big crash. Waiting for my knees, legs and back to recover then will get on board again. In the meantime looking at my BSA B33, Ducati 450 Mk III and scooter projects which are nearly as old as me. :) (I tend to hoard things)
    Enjoy reading the forums of various countries especially since the brake modulator went on the R1150RT. More of a lurker than a talker but hope to contribute more now. Will try and post photos later.

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  2. Welcome to the forum!
  3. gday truffletruffle, welcome to NR! sorry to hear about your off, hope you're recovering ok.
  4. Hello and welcome to NR truffletruffle (interesting choice of a screen name :hungry:). Wishing you speedy recovery and hope you are up and riding again another beemer in no time. Looking forward to photos of your projects as well as a new ride when you get to it (y)
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  5. Welcome to NR and get better so that you can enjoy riding again.
  6. Welcome from another Canberran