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QLD Another newbie from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NovaProspekkt, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone, I have to say what a great bunch of people you have here. I've been reading the forum for a while now, without taking part in discussions, just searching and learning. Anyway, I finally felt that I needed to get myself together and get a bike license (changes to motorbike licensing in QLD also encouraged me). Got my Ls, then did a 2 day Q-ride last week and passed :) Now, since I just graduated I'll be looking for a full time job and go into hardcore saving mode for a bike. Currently tossing up between CB400 and CBR500r, test rides are to be had! Thanks everyone for participating and writing in the forum, I learnt a lot just reading your messages and conversations, for now I'll just be drooling over your awesome bikes until I'm able to get my own. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

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  2. Welcome aboard. It sounds like you've got you entry in the world of bike riding all sorted out. And the two models you've noted are great bikes to start on.
  3. Welcome, voyeur! ;)
  4. Another local.


    Nothing wrong with watching JuniperSachsJuniperSachs, you can do it at racetracks all around the country:snaphappy:

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  5. Good job too, as I wont be riding for six months myself! Haha.
  6. Thanks guys, yeah just watching for now haha Colonel ColemanColonel Coleman there are probably going to be a lot of newbies on the forum from Brisbane and QLD in general, everywhere I called a few weeks ago for Q-ride was completely booked out till October (law change).
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  7. How come you're not riding for 6 months?
  8. Haha, old news now, copped a ban. Dont even ask. I get to spend summer on public transport while everyone else rides... But at least I wont be sweating it out in armour. ;)
  9. Oh, that doesn't sound like fun at all, but at least you're staying positive!
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  10. Nothing else for it but to sulk, and that doesn't help. :) Apparently the CB400 is a great bike, btw.
  11. Welcome mate!
  12. Yeah I've only heard good things about it so far, I sat on one too once, but didn't have a license at the time, so couldn't ride it. Hopefully one comes along in my price range soon :)

    Thank you CraigACraigA :)
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  13. Welcome aboard.
  14. Welcome to the forum
  15. Welcome aboard :)
  16. Thank you guys, excited to be here :)
  17. Greetings no longer lurker NovaProspekktNovaProspekkt ....
    Let the fun begin with bike shopping! There's shoe shopping, then there's BIKE shopping o_O

    I agree, there's going to be a huge surge in new riders due to the law changes. But maybe not a bad thing... Got you to pull your finger out ;) but it will be the best decision you'll make or at least the most fun!

    See you riding soon round the traps.. Oh and cb400 is my pick!
  18. Welcome to NR and Enjoy
  19. Thank you, thank you :) I loved Q-ride, especially the final ride on the road part. I had such a blast on the bike, even though it was an old, rough CB250 nugget, I was thinking how I could sell my car quickly and get a bike asap haha but common sense took over soon after. Yes, gear shopping then bike shopping soon, exciting times ahead! I think it's a great thing more people are getting into motorcycles, as long as everyone keeps their heads on their shoulders.

    Thank you IroncasperIroncasper :)
  20. That's why mentors are so important. I was up Mt Glorious on the weekend and some of the skills on obvious newbies was mind boggling. What made me shudder even more was the ability of those "teaching" them.

    Message to all young and new riders. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO PROOVE. Except maybe the ability to arrive at your destination in one piece. I could go on, but it's not my thread.

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