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Another newbie celebrating no more L Plates

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Arob0010, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. hi all
    Been lurking for a few months figured i should finally getting around to posting an intro
    what better excuse for a first post than to celabrate saying good bye the the hi-vis vest and L Plates

    below is a pic from a ride to day

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  2. #2 Stever42, Jun 21, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2015
    Welcome Arob,
    How was the old bridge today ?
    I spent 10 yrs down in Traralgon when I was at school.
    There's a few other NR's around there to catch up with.
    Look for Jayce87Jayce87
  3. Hey hey! A welcome and congratulations! Looking forward to ditching the hi viz myself soon....ish. :D
  4. thanks for the congrats its so nice not having to wear it.
    it was become a real pain in the but every time i would go over 80 the velcro wouldnt hold and would always start flapping like a cape haha. Made looking over your shoulder a nightmare.

    stever im a big fan of visiting the bridge its only 10 mins away and always good photo ops and if you take a rod good fun catching carp and ells if you cant be bother going in the hills chasing trout


  5. Good one mate, so glad I never had to do the high vis vest thing. That would suck big time.
  6. G'day and welcome, Arob0010Arob0010. Congratulations passing your rider test!
  7. Another gs500 rider joins the ranks:sneaky:. Before you know it, we'll be taking over the world. I'll get the stationery printed, in anticipation...

    Welcome, mate.
  8. welcome aboard :]
  9. yep another gs500 haha im a bigger guy so a 250 bike just wasnt going to work for me
    these are great simple bikes even with 60k the only thing i dont really like is the front suspension really nose dives
  10. I got mine rebuilt with stiffer springs and heavier oil, for the princely sum of $180.00. Took the forks off myself, and Cruzetune in Knox City / Boronia did the job. Feels much better now.

    BTW, I'm 85kg, 196cm tall and used to bottom out all the time.
    Not. Any. More.