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another newbie bike choice thread :P

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aetude, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. I am 167 cm tall, 67 kg, i like sports bike along lines of fireblades RR

    i will probaly use it to go to work everyday.

    2 questions,
    1 - how much, how long takes to get Ls ?
    2 - what sports bike can i choose from for my height and weight?
  2. >_>


    Ahem. Can I suggest the CBR125?

    I can’t help you with Q1 as I reside in NSW, but I can try and help with the second.
    They’re around $5000 ORC brand new and look like a miniature CBR600 RR. At 67 kilos you’re not too heavy for it, and we’re about the same height! I’m 59 kgs, and Peaches carries me quite easily (doesn’t struggle or anything).

    They look great – I think so anyway – and go well too :grin: 6th gear I find is usually useless unless you’re going at speeds above 100. And if you’re on your Ls and are limited to 80, the baby Cibber runs at 5th with no troubles at all! I’m nearly flat footed when I stand on both legs, and she’s light, nimble and gentle as a lamb. Great learner bike!

    Here’s a good write up I found about it: http://www.mcnews.com.au/Testing/Honda/2007_CBR125R/page1.htm

    And because we’re the same height, here’s a pic of me on Peaches so you can gauge your height/weight ratio on a CBR125


  3. What Pete said.
    Only way to tell if a bike is the right size for you is to sit on one.
    Height doesn't mean much since leg and arm length can vary, but you shouldn't have a problem with any of the learner approved bikes (250s in particular are mostly designed for the Japanese market).
  4. to get ya L's i though was easy but i have been riding dirt bikes since i was young. Now i cant say in your case but if u have ridden a bike before you should be right and to get ya L's i watched a 45 minute video, then answered 32 questions and did the practicle part then an eye sight test in all honesty prob toke me no more than an hour and a half. But SA may be different i wont be the only one to say this but get the one you feel is best (ie) feel comfortble on and be careful on the roads
  5. I think the CBR250RR would be a good size for you. I'm a 178cm and look like a giant on that bike. They are really quite small.

    But its been said before.... the only way to know is to sit on one and if your lucky enough take one for a test ride.
  6. +1 pete & jd.
    I think you'd outgrow a 125 very quickly ...
  7. Peaches loves her bike, a good choice and will be reliable as well as a Honda! Budget will be your main driver, what is it?

    Less than $5k go for the CRR125 or 2nd hand similar
    $10K have a look at the CB400
  8. 10k = Way too much to be spending on a first bike
    <5k = Take your pick from pretty much any 2nd hand 250. Do not waste money on an overpriced 125.
  9. i have ridden a scooter before thats all. its pretty much press and go :p on a bike seems like you gotta lean or something, which would be new to me... might go down local library see if theres videos on riddin bikes..

    thanks for input. i think i will stick with 250R or RR mayb i can sell it down the track for similar price and upgrade to the R1 :)
  10. Don't bother looking at videos.

    Like riding a pushie, riding a motorbike is something that you just need to DO, not read about, especially to get started with. Take a course and practice, it's the best way to get started in my opinion.

    And then once you're riding, it'll be more relevant to read or watch videos about (more advanced) riding techniques.
  11. Spot on plus you wont get sick of it as quick and also be safer on the freeway. :)
  12. i see things a little different to gracebeey, no information is bad information. do a little reading, get familiar with bike controls and know where it all hapens before you do it. get hold of a DVD titled ride on, watch it a heap and it will really help with your riding. you cant really get out there till you get on a bike, but you can forearm yourself, and the more you know, the less of a shock it will be when you start.
  13. You have a good point, Dan, and I probably should've said don't read up first. It's just that for me (being a visual person) it confused the bejeezus out of me to read about it. However when I took the course everything instantly made sense - as they demonstrated and showed what they were talking about.
  14. she looks happy on her 125

    let her be, maybe a 250 would be to heavy for her to learn on

    its like a bicycle with a motor, should be easy to squeaze round the local city traffic
  15. im the same hey.. reading alone does crap all but tell me a nice story.. SHOW me, and explain, and ill pick things up 3 times as fast. i think after i got my licence, sitting down and watching ride on was a completely different experience, but before i did my l's id never been on a bike and had no idea what to look for, and certainly found it helped.

    dont think i was saying your opinion was wrong at all though, different things work for different people.
  16. Haha I made that post knowing full well that a lot of people would take the piss out of the CBR125 :p

    Ah well, it doesn't matter. I like it, it's a bike I'm comfortable learning on, and that matters most for me :grin: !
  17. great attitude to have peaches! i know exactly your predicament. i rode an across!

    at the end of the day, you are out on 2 wheels having a blast of a time.. you'll get no issues from me.
  18. Awww thanks ronin!