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another newbie - another VTR250!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by pommiecat, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Finally got my VTR 250.

    Its a 2006 model with 21k on the clock and cost me $5490 from a dealer.

    Previous owner has loved this bike and put on a Roo pipe, rad guard and taken great care of it never dropped etc.

    Now for the rain to stop so I can get back out there!

    bib bike & bits 040.

    bib bike & bits 031.


  2. yea man, VTR represent :p
    looks like a beauty mate.
  3. Another VTR on the road!


    Hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.
  4. yeah vtrs are great,
    i love mine.

    good to have you with us
  5. Hey Spen, which one is yours? I know you were there on Saturday.
  6. Great bike to learn on, I have a question, why are you waiting for the rain to stop? Should be learning to ride in ALL conditions, if unfamilair with the condition, ride with more caution or head to a quiet location or industrial estate and learn to ride [slowly at first of course] learn to ride in the wet. If you are out and it starts to rain, you should be able to change your riding technique to suit the condition, thats why you should not be scared or worried about rain, hail [now that stuff hurts] or shine. Just use common sense, go slow and easy and this is where the 'quiet areas' are good for you hone your skills, you should turn up on sat mornings for the learner tips with Doug n Dave, couple of old hooons with decades of experience, mind you, one's a smurf so not too much of a hoon lol. Seriously, everyone that attends the saturday morning sessions have nothing but praise!! Have a read and try attedning, you will be offered nothing but positive feedback about your riding technique and if you have ANY question about anything , it WILL be answered for you. Good community here, welcome to netrider
  7. Great bike! Have found it to be an awesome learner so far.

    And red is the right colour for it.

    Every other newbie on here owns one, so if you need any hints or tips just ask and you'll get a heap of help.

  8. Goddie, Saturday morning practice may be too long a ride. Freemantle to St Kilda would take a little time.
  9. So you dont think they'llpick up any tips along the way Dave? lol I didnt realise Fremantle was place of origin, my bloo, sorree :(
    what the heck, come along, you'll have fun :)
  10. the loud one:p
    red with silver frame, and the rack on the back.
  11. Good on ya mate.....bike looks very clean and straight...

    I learned on a VTR (as many do) and IMHO they are the best learner bike out....good torquey twin when compared to the four-pot screamers in the 250cc line-up...

    Good lookin' setup with the gold rims, pipe and red paint......nice.

    Enjoy and be safe
  12. Ah, the right hander screamer...

    Yes, I remember.
  13. Looks like I won't be alone when I finally pick one of these up! As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted one, so here's hoping I get it before xmas! haha
  14. Please explain? o_O
  15. im guessing hes refering to the fact that that i have a rather loud exhaust and that week i was trying to scrape the pegs so i didnt focus on my throttle..... well it ended up being constantly adjusted on and off rather then smooth......

    doug reckoned i sounded like a chainsaw....... needless to say ive gone back to watching my throttle