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Another newbie. Another bunch of questions :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Bogus69, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I have been looking at this site, reading a few threads etc, for a week or so and I just worked out how to register. DOH!!
    (I though you had to become a member or something. Oh well it was only $5 anyway;)

    Down to business.
    I have been enjoying not having a car since moving to Melb but now I am about to start work almost 2hrs (by public transport) from where I live.

    I have decided to accomplish one of the goals on my list and get my bike license instead of going for a car. I have booked in with HART for there learner course and am looking forward to it!

    Until then I am trying to suss out what bike and gear to get. And where to get it from.

    Bike wise I am tossing up between VTR or Spada and also considering a CB just because they seem to be cheap and reliable.
    I have heard people say that I will want as much "go" as possible to get away from trouble, but will that really be a big difference between 250s?

    Also does anyone have recomendations for REPUTABLE 2nd hand dealers?
    I went to a 250 specialist shop (not sure if I can mention the name here??) and got a bad vibe that I had walked into a shark pool.
    It would be great to deal with a sales person that I felt was trust worthy.

    Also with the dry jackets, I heard they are very hot in summer. Anyone back that up or dispel it? I like the idea of waterproof as I will be commuting every day.

    Sorry to go nuts and post big 1st time round. I have about a weeks worth of questions built up cos I couldn't work out how to register ;) LOL
  2. Welcome aboard Bogus we're a nutty but friendly group in here! Firstly the only dumb question is the one you don't ask! Go the CB 250! They're a very forgiving bike for a learner mine compensates well for the idiot on his back! You won't get whiplash but he'll sit all day with the throttle cranked wide open and has a 300km range tank & then about 40k in reserve! Easy to service & no fairings! These are the most expensive part of any service or repair due to labour charges just removing & replacing them! I've done a 1053k trip in one day on Bond & no sore arse!

    Feel free to name names of good & bad bike shops but remember that not everyone may have had the same experience in dealing with them.

    As for "go to get away from trouble" the best way to do that is to stay alert & anticipate what may happen have an escape route planned don't try to out run it!

    See the thread on Hart open day tomorrow try & get to test ride as many of their 250's as possible as that's the best way to know what feels right for you.

    Gear will be a major expense but can be bought relatively cheaply if you shop around. 2nd hand gear can be bought all over the place including op shops! Don't buy a 2nd hand helmet though & make sure it fits comfortably as it will be on your head all day in some cases. Prices vary but they all to have the safety standards sticker so a cheap one will be just as safe as an expensive one!

    Scope put up a write up about her jacket in one of the threads & since then many people have bought the same one it has removable bits so can accomodate all weather conditions, search for the post as I'm no good at posting links & stuff!

    Hope this answers your questions!
  3. About 250s with "get up and go" a VTR or Spada will serve you much better than a CB. They're sports bikes and as such are better tuned and geared for accelerating than a CB. They're also considerably smaller and lighter, both good things for a first bike to be.

    With jackets by all means get a dri rider and some waterproof pants for bad weather however for hot weather just grab yourself a mesh jacket such as a Dri Rider dri mesh or one of the offerings from Rjays (anywhere between $150 - $200 but well worth it).

    About buying a bike it's always a gamble, private sales aren't necessarily any worse mechanicly compared to what dealers are offering but will almost always be cheaper. It's just a matter of getting a pre-purchase inspection lined up to avoid getting burned.
    Btw,If the 250 specialist store you're referring to was Sumoto, stay away! I'm sure many others agree with me :wink:
  4. Wellcome...

    Hmm first 250... I have my own opinins and I'll voice them here...
    The 250 specialist shop (Sumoto I preasume) is on the dear side of thigs but they offer one stop service ie. for one price they offer bike, insurance and gear... and for that service you pay...
    MY advice is to shop around in the trading post and buy an 80's bike spend between $1K and $2K on the bike and about $1k on NEW gear... old 250's keep their value so what ever money you spend on the bike while you are ou your restrictions you should get it back (providing you don't trush the bike).
    Getting a pre-purchase inspection is easy eather get a mate who actualy knows something about bikes to look it over or a hobby mechanic (me) or a profecional (the pro will give you a nice write up)....
    Above all enjoy your sellf :) and the new wonderful life you are stepping into...
  5. Thanks guys,

    I think I am tending toward the private option for buying my bike. I saw a thread in here where Pete Hanigan was used for a pre inspection and thats prolly what I will do too.

    I just have to make up my mind on what bike and gear to get.

    Being tall (just over 6") I think I will strugle to fit on something sporty. Thats one of the reasons I was thinking a CB. - not that I've been on one yet. :)

    I sat on a Hornet, Spada, and Bandit and felt most comfy on the Spada but that was still tricky tucking my legs up.
    How do other tall 250 riders get by?

    I don't have much problem going for helmet having read all the recommendations on that subject. But I thought I might look for 2nd hand jacket once I decide what I want.

    Anyone got a recommendation for gloves?

    The 250cc shop was Sumoto and I will def be avoiding them when parting with money, but they maybe worth another look when it's time to test ride.
  6. Hi mate and welcome to the forums.

    :D :D
  7. Hello and welcome aboard :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  8. I'm 6"1' and actually found the CB kind of awkward compared to spadas and of course the GPX that I ended up buying which despite it's faults is actually very comfortable to sit on.

    As for gloves doesn't matter too much so long as they're quality enough to not fall apart. I've got some thomas cook leather/mesh ones for summer ($25) as well as some alpine stars which are leather/kevlar, good wind and abrasion protection ($100).
  9. I'm only 5"11' and found '86 GSX250r very comfy, as well as '80 XS250, '82? Z250 and '80 CB250t

    Some of my taller friends had dirt/enduro bikes as their first bikes... one had a honda VT25 (cruser type bike) and he is realy tall...
  10. gday mate :wink:

    just got back onto my bike bought a 1998 cb250f (honda hornet)
    naked bike same engine as a cbr250. and it rocks. im about 185cm tall and have no worries with the bike.

    bought with it an rjays summmer jacket (which has a zipout waterproof liner) and some rjays lightning pants (which are waterproof with thermal liner) both are exceletn picked them both up for $400. havent tested them in a heavy downpour, but dont think il get wet.

    also bought some gaerne sp1- aquatex boots which are waterproof, $325
    get into it. and stay away from honda magnas (v25 custom) they suck.
  11. I'm 5' 10" or 178cm tall & comfort has never been an issue with Bond even on endurance rides! I've done over 20,000k since 15th Feb 2004 including a 3000k ride to Sydney & back over 6 days & a 1053k trip in one day to Temora NSW to farewell a friend last month.

    As Outtalive said gloves don't matter too much unless you don't mind your hands being frozen around your handgrips or so bulked up you can't use your levers or you have heated handgrips or you don't mind sacrificing the skin between where your gloves end & your jacket sleeve can ride up to! Yep gloves don't matter too much!
  12. Thanks for the welcomes! Seems to be a great community here.

    I work in the CBD currently so I will go and scope out some gear during lunch times.
    What would be a best place to get jacket, gloves, helmet, wet weather overpants + good service and discount?

    Im leaning toward a VTR after reading some other threads and seeing a tall person riding one in Carlton yesterday. He looked comfy! :D
  13. Well, I just got back from a wander up Elizabeth st and finally sat on a VTR. Wow! Im sold.

    I don't feel too big on it like I did with the bikes at sumoto.
    I will narrow my search to this model I think :)
  14. see brian at bike mart
    there should be another netrider night coming up soon , good discounts and allways looks after us
  15. Welcome Bogus. I'm 6'1" and ride a CB250. I commute to work, and can usually sit on 100-110, unless there's a decent head wind. Problem is when I end up riding next to a car on the freeway it can be a struggle to get past and you don't want to be too near a car for too long without the grunt to get away. And its a bit cramped if you ride for anything over an hour or so. Otherwise, solid, cheap and reliable. :D
  16. I think Pete announced the next bike mart night on May 26 (will you look at that - he put it in the calendar! https://netrider.net.au/calendar/index.php?action=details&id=311 )

    And bogus69 - as for narrowing your search - don't do that quite yet. Try out a few for test rides. The vtr250 is very nice, but after a ride on a few you may find something about it just isn't right (or another bike may have something you prefer). Besides - it's fun trying bikes.
  17. Ringwood! eeep. Don't think I could get out there until I got a bike (and some gear) :S

    I hear what ya saying about not ruling other bikes out just yet and agree.
    It's just that so far the VTR is the only one that my knees could fit under the curve of the tank. ;)