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Another Newbie 250 Cruiser Question

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by bmacka67, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Hi all !

    New member here. Need help,thoughts, experience, knowledge re which 250 cruiser to buy? Like look of Virago, and V-Star (is Vstar worth extra cash??), Intruder, Eliminator..have read a few of the threads here which have been helpful, really impressed with everyone's feedback.

    A few key pieces of info.
    Price not a major factor. Im 5ft9 strong, 80kg's, will ride bike on weekends mostly for fun rides, no commuting. Melbourne based

    Really want something relaible, fun, easy to ride and bullet proof!

    Looking forward to your thoughts
  2. I just got rid of my V-Star 250, didn't have any problems with it other than normal wear and tear.

    I preferred the look of the V-Star over the Virago, preferred it to the Suzuki as well.

    I think you'll probably find no real problem with any 250 you get, most appear to be designs that have been made for years.
  3. Thanx for this - what was resale like on VStar?? How long did you ride it for before you went to something bigger?
  4. If this is the case, and you want a 250 cruiser, then get an Eliminator. Hands-down the best 250 cruiser out there. Plenty of power (for a 250), looks :cool: , will frequently get mistaken for a bigger bike by others, bullet proof mechanics and excellent build quality.

    I've had mine for nearly 6 months now and love it to bits. And if price really isn't an issue, then go to a dealer and get a brand spanking new one while you still can (they won't be available for much longer). Don't listen to all these naysayers who tell you not to get a new bike because you'll drop it :roll: - just take it easy and you won't. And even if you do have a low-speed drop, you'll shed a quick tear at the dent and then get over it - coz that doesn't change the fact that your bike is still mechanically new.

    The 6-speed transmission and liquid-cooled engine make this a fantastic bike for commuting or cruising (I mostly commute on mine). I test rode the others and took the Eliminator because the Intruder was too plasticky and a bit gutless, the handlebars on the Virago looked a bit crap IMO, and the Aquila was a Hyosung :p .

    To be fair, I didn't test a V-Star, but the dealer talked me out of it - he said that in his opinion the Virago was a better buy, and on paper I had to agree with him. No real way to justify the extra $$$ over the cost of the Virago.

    **Double check the insurance costs of all of these bikes before you buy, they'll probably be all the same but worth checking just in case :)
  5. Whipster - Thanx for feedback...what did you pay? Honestly the only thing I dont like re Eliminator is the wheels!...and not many of em around..I also heard that they aren't making them anymore so that worries me re spare parts.
  6. I ended up trading it in, so not great, but I really didn't want the hassle of a private sale, plus having put 35,000kms on the clock in 18months and needing new tyres, new brake discs it would have needed time and effort on top of time to sell privately.

    I bought it new, and paid the extra because I thought it looked good.

    Since buying it I realised I had missed looking at the Kawasaki VN250. I looked at the Yamaha, Suzuki and Hyosung and since then I do like the look of the VN250.

    I bought it in July and was wanting to upgrade it as soon after I got off my restrictions but only found the time last weekend.

  7. I second that. Had my Eliminator for a month.... Love it !
    Went on a ride with a mate (who rides a 650) and had no dramas keeping up at all.
    Is mistaken for a bigger bike - yes.... Some think I am shittin them when I say it is only a 250 !
    Only thing I dont like about it is the exhaust set up..... but once I have broken in the bike I will be changing this

    CJ :)
  8. Mine was 8500 including on roads. I got more discounts on the gear as well by buying it all at the same time, make sure you get the dealer to bundle it all together, no matter what bike you get, coz the gear is where they've got the most room to move with pricing.

    When you say you don't like the wheels, do you mean the older steel ones or the new black plastic ones? I don't go for the older ones, myself, either. Black looks good though IMO, matched up well with the blacked out rear springs and front forks.

    I wouldn't worry about parts availability too much. Just because they are going to stop selling them doesn't mean that support for them will disappear overnight. If you can still get parts for a 20 year old grey import CBRrrrrrr then I think parts will be around for eliminators for a while yet (granted, there's more CBR250rrrrrs around than there ever will be eliminators :LOL: )

    Hi CJ, I would also like to mod my exhaust to change its looks and maybe get a bit of a louder note... what do you have planned for yours :?: or haven't really thought about it too much yet? :wink:
  9. If you are not in a hurry maybe wait for the new LAMs laws to come into place then you can get one of these and ride it for quite a while!



  10. Thanx for info re price - I just went and checked one out (Elim that is) at dealer and they offered me deal of 8k..they only have 1 left!

    given you paid 8500 sounds like 8k is a good deal?

    Must admit thought I also sussed out Yamaha's again and am now torn...do I save coin and by Virago then upgrade to a Yam 650 in future??

    Hmm too many options!!

  11. I am almost tempted to get the bigger Yamaha (xvs650) and pay price of a fine if I get caught riding it til LMAS kicks in!!
  12. 8000 ride away is definitely a good price for an Eliminator. If you like it then I'd snap that one up.

    If you really know that you'll definitely be upgrading the minute you can, then maybe the Virago is a better choice. I took the Eliminator because I knew I'd be holding on to it for a while, and even now (about 3 months before I'm off restrictions) I'm still happy with the bike and don't feel any real urge to get rid of it.

    If you do decide to go the Yammy, though, because you will definitely be upgrading in 12 months, then buying new is probably not the best option. There are plenty of good second hand (or dealer demo) viragos out there - save your pennies and put the difference towards the next bike, or even better shell out for twice as much/higher quality gear.
  13. Re Elim V Virago

    Hmm I think i will go Virago (2nd hand if I can find 1!) ...ignore my rant re just riding a 650 - If I did come off or hit someone I'd be screwed - no cover by TAC or insurance - BAD IDEA!
  14. Hi Whipster

    Haven't really thought too much about it yet.... I just dont like the look of it all flared and sticking up like it is. Maybe its the grl in me..... doesnt look pretty and streamlined enuff :LOL: When I mentioned it to the dealer they suggested breaking the bike in first then look at getting it modified. Louder isnt really an issue for me... although it has crossed my mind :wink:
  15. Hey bmacka

    8K is definately a good deal ! I got mine for 8250 on road here in NSW (land of the way too expensive rego!)

    As for the Virago... my mate rode a Virago 250 for years then traded it in for the Eliminator and commented that even tho they are both 250's the Eliminator gave her more power.
    I had been eyeing off the Eliminator and told her about it and that it was the bike I wanted to get.... she then took me out to her garage to show me her "fixed up Virago".... took all my might not to throttle her one to see that her "fixed up Virago" was a brand spankin new Eliminator ! :LOL:

    Ultimately tho.... your choice at the end of the day and you have to enjoy the ride :wink:

    CJ :)
  16. Hey Ceejay - I know Elim has more grunt...but think I might do Virago plus gear for same price as what the Elim will cost....speaking of gear do you guys ride with open face helmet or not?

  17. Personally.... I have full face. Being new to riding I went with what I felt more comfortable & safe in. Maybe down the track I might go open face.... I guess it is what you feel right with.
  18. I'm an ATGATT man all the way. Riding boots, draggin jeans, leather jacket, gloves, full-face helmet. Actually my helmet is a flip-face, technically speaking. See https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=43591 for a discussion.

    You wouldn't catch me dead in an open-face helmet (or maybe you would :LOL: pardon the pun). Apart from the fact that I'd prefer my face not to slide along the bitumen, there's all kinds of crap flying at your face while you ride that you're just better off avoiding :shock: .

    Hard biker types that wear an open face for the look of it, but then wear earplugs to protect against the noise, goggles to protect the eyes, and a bandanna to keep bugs out of their teeth just make me laugh :LOL: , why not just buy a full-face (or flip) and be done with it :roll:

    CJ - I'd prefer a more streamlined look too, but more noise is really what I'm after. Apart from a DIY baffle removal at home, which I'm not too comfortable with, this seems to be the only option I have found so far: http://www.madaz.com.au/html/kawasaki_0.html . Looks good, but price is pretty steep :(
  19. I wear full face because I don't want to have to worry about the consequences.

    Same reason I'll always wear either Draggins or cordura pants and a cordura jacket.

    Only time I haven't worn protective gear was when I picked up my bike yesterday and realised I'd left my gloves at work.

  20. :-w :-w :-w :-w