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another newb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by seantheninja, May 8, 2008.

  1. Hi all, after wanting to get into the world of bikes since my first motoGP (pillion) i've taken the plunge and got my L's in march. after shopping around i put my deposit on the new ninja 250R in april... still waiting... I've been told may (sometime) so not too long now! i'll just have to walk around the house with my gear on til that phone call!

    Anyways thats it - hope to see you all on the road!

  2. :rofl:
    Welcome to NR !
  3. Welcome dude!!
    Good choice on the bike!! hehe!

    What colour did you get?
  4. hi and welcome to NR
  5. I ended up getting the red - two reasons:
    1. I jumped the order list to number 1 - i'm gonna get the 1st red on that comes in! - YaY
    2. red goes faster!!

    its not going to match my jacket tho (its blue/green white) but i don't care
  6. Welcome to NR

    Here we go again ... it's a fallacy ... red isn't faster, the operator is what makes a vehicle fast or slow (just clearing that up in case any children are reading, we don't want them to grow up believing a fallacy). I recently traded a red bike in on a blue one and the blue one is faster by a large margin. I also have a red cage (NR term for car) and I can't even begin to compare it to my blue bike!

    Really you just like red and that is an excellent reason for buying a red bike.

    It will all be worth it in the end! How about asking to go pillion again, it's got to be better than just walking around the house!
  7. hi n welcome

    damn, such a backorder on the ninja 250r's... :(

    good luck with it all
  8. dont lie.

    ive got a black bike and red leathers, so im not quite as quick as someone with the whole deal in red :evil:
  9. :LOL: yea colour doesn't really go faster - i'm just convincing myself as waiting for a black ninja was about twice as long and if i look at it wrong scuff marks show themselves!

    I'm first in line for a red ninja and i'm STILL waiting - sometime in May apparently.

    Olds are overseas so no pillioning for me - + license (L's) expire next month and i'm really wanting some experience before going for my Ps so it can't come fast enough!
  10. :worthlesspics:

    Welcome to Netrider :LOL:.
  11. The consensus on Tiger1050.com is that, at least for Tiger 1050 bikes, black is the fastest. White Tigers are white like lightning, thus "lighting fast", but since even light cannot escape a black hole the black Triumph Tiger 1050 must be the fastest of all.

    No, really! :grin:

    Welcome to Netrider. :)
  12. I stand corrected.

    It's hard waiting for something like that. I had to wait three days for the bike shop to get my bike ready for me, it was a very long three days.

    I hope you can post some pics of the bike when you get it.
  13. Red is definately the fastest colour, hence Casey Stoner wears red leathers and rides a red bike. He rips the others on his RED ducati

    Valentino Rossi rides a blue bike with blue leathers. Why do you think he cant beat Casey?

  14. All I know is that my red bike and my red car doesn't stand a chance against my blue bike!
  15. I'll def be getting some pics when i get it! (i've seen what happens when you don't :p)

    Well maybe the bike will go faster - not only being red, but also having a cowl as well - providing that extra 0.1% wind resistance... only god knows... :p