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Another Newb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ausgecko, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    My name is Chris, I live in Penrith NSW.
    I'm doing my stay upright course in a couple of weeks and should hopefully pass my knowledge test the week after. I'm looking at buying a Hyosung GT650R as my first bike, I'm leaning toward the Hyosung because of the bang for buck factor, I want to spend a minimal amount of money as I'll most likely want to upgrade to a larger bike once I get my full licence. I looked at some 250s but when I sat on them it just felt awkward as I'm 6,3 and 95kg, the 650s felt good though.
    I havnt ridden a bike before so I'm a little nervous, I used to own a very quick WRX and had to sell it because it was costing too much money everytime I broke something, so now I need something a bit cheaper but with some speed, the Daihatsu Charade I'm driving at the moment just ain't cutting it :D
  2. Hey chris, I have a hyo also, and def great value for money...In retrospect the first thing Id do again is change the shitty shinko tyres they came out with, but great little bike first up. Best of luck.
  3. welcome to NR Chris, mate, ride what makes you smile and enjoy it for what it is :)
  4. Thanks Guys, I'll keep the tyre change in mind chicken.
  5. welcome ausgecko.... penrith... man i was just there last night till 2am haha. nice area though :D
  6. Welcome Chris, you'll find that bikes don't break as often as highly-strung turbo cars :LOL:.
  7. And many somewhat easier to push if need be :LOL:
  8. welcome mate . hope you enjoy the journey . check out some of the ''what bike should I buy ''' threads on here .