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Another newb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by shhh, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Hey,
    I'm new to the forum and just thought I'd say g'day. I've been riding (GPX 250R) in Melbourne about five months now and love it.
    Always admired bikes, but it wasn't until last year when I spent a bit of time in Saigon that I learnt to ride. For the record, that's not the most relaxing traffic for a learner but if you can cope there, then the swerve test that's part of getting a licence in Victoria is an absolute piece of piss.

  2. Hi,be careful, now you're a rider.
    You will have female friends throwing themselves at you.
  3. Thanks for the warning Blabber, I'll bear it in mind.
  4. Hi shhh and welcome to Netrider mate.
    Been to Saigon and totally understand what you mean.
    Enjoy the forums.
  5. welcome in mate
  6. Welcome to NR shhh.

    Now, whats with the name? Most people give up riding when a new baby comes along so its not likely that?
  7. Hi and welcome to NR
  8. Welcome mate

  9. Welcome and have fun searching around...lots of good info.